June 23rd, 2008


DJpet spinning @ Termination VT 7/5/08

Termination presents: 1st Annual Art Swap and Photo Shoot.
Featuring guest DJpet and residents Soular Bear, Dissonance and Nocté.
July 5, 2008.

Sorry for the short notice RE: July's events. This has been a busy month for our staff! We hope you'll be able to celebrate the long weekend with us up here in Vermont...

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07/05/08, Noon-4pm: potluck/picnic and photo shoot at Madame Sherri's.

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07/05/08, 8pm-2am: Termination, featuring guest DJpet and our 1st Annual Art Swap!

8pm-2am | All ages | $5 cover
The Church | 3 Grove Street | Brattleboro, VT 05301
Dress code preferred but not enforced

We're honored to have special guest DJpet (Boston, MA) spinning with our resident DJs Soular Bear, DJ Dissonance and DJ Nocté. We will also have more free stuff courtesy of Metropolis Records.

Have you been looking to sell or trade your art, or maybe add some new pieces to your collection? Then our 1st Annual Art Swap was dreamed up just for you. Here's the gist: bring in any art that you'd like to part with and we will put it on display. We will provide a card so that you can list the price of your piece(s) and a quick note as to whether you'll accept a trade for someone else's art (optional). At midnight we'll call you all together and you can haggle with potential buyers/traders/sellers. At the very least you'll get exposure. At the very best you might come home with some amazing art.

Please note: due to space limitations please don’t bring more than two large pieces of art, or anything absolutely huge. There will be a table set up for smaller pieces of work.

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