July 20th, 2008


Headspace Music from the Barn and Main Dungeon

sorry it took so long to post these my summer was pretty crazy!

I can't remember when these ones aired but it was pretty different mix than the thuddy one :)

This was an iPod list so the tracks played in random order.

Track Artist
Acid Tongue (Welcome Aboard...) Attrition
Arcadian Link
Ariadne Dead Can Dance
B Mashina Laibach
Backward Sucking Massive Attack v Mad Professor
Bend Your Mind Elysian Fields
Break Me (Female) Front 242
Broccoli Coil
Bumper Ball Dub Massive Attack v Mad Professor
Closer Nine Inch Nails
Cold Chiasm
Cool Monsoon Massive Attack v Mad Professor
Crush The Liberation Juan Maclean
Cutting (Daniel X mix) Ayria
Dark & Long Underworld
Dark Matter ''1994 Spheres'' Delerium
Data Diviner Pitch Black
Dead Sun Moby
Deep Penetration Jerome Sydenham
Deflagration of Hell Deutsch Nepal
Dress Me When I Bleed De
Electric Earth Pt 2 Pitch Black
faFnir enDjinn Run Level Zero
Fall to Fragments Android Lust
Fever Shriek Run Level Zero
Fragments Of Fear Delerium
fruehling qntal
Fuck Things Up (feat. Ayria) Implant
A Girl Called Harmony Attrition
Glimpses of War, parts I & II Deutsch Nepal
God Eats God Panzer Ag
Halloween Theme Electric Hellfire Club
The Hellraiser Theme [#] Coil
I Bruise Easily Natasha Bedingfield
iblis [Explicit] Ah Cama Sotz
Ingenuous Test Dept
ishtar Ah Cama Sotz
lix tetrax Ah Cama Sotz
Love breeds suicide (remixed by Anthoni J.) Suicide Commando
lucifer Ah Cama Sotz
Midnight Syndicate Awakening Midnight Syndicate
Minaret Medicine Drum
Morpheus Delerium
Morphology ''1994 Spheres II'' Delerium
Needle In A Bruise Mesh
Nightmare (Original Sinister Strings Mix) Brainbug
No Bounds By G.O.L. GOL
Pain & Pleasure Concerto Lords of Acid
Palestinalied qntal
People Like Me With This Gun Mesh
Please God Fuck With My Mind (laughing) Coil
The Power Is Mine (''In Your Hand'' Mix) Lords of Acid
Prophecy Gary Numan
Prophecy [Haujobb Remix] Front Line Assembly
Refuse Android Lust
Reptile Room Pitch Black
Sexus Die Warzau
Shining Skinned Friend Juan Maclean
Shrieks & Sighs (Ext Remix) Neuroactive
Sick Bitch Compuwhore
Sin [Long] Nine Inch Nails
Slavery Is Guaranteed Bigod 20
Slut (LP Version) Velvet Acid Christ
Someone Must Get Hurt She Wants Revenge
Someone To Hurt Client
Somnolent Delerium
Stained Android Lust
Swallow Me Bigod 20
Sympathy for the Devil Laibach
Tear You Apart She Wants Revenge
Theme From Blue I Coil
Theme From Blue II Coil
The Thinner The Air (Massive Attack Mix) Cocteau Twins
Three mantra chant Buddhist Monks of Maitri Vihar Monastery
Throw This Away Nine Inch Nails
tlaltecuhtli Ah Cama Sotz
Unadrumma Pitch Black
Vampyre Midnight Syndicate
Weekend Sex Change Dillinger Escape Plan
Where Even the Darkness Is Something to See Coil
You Are God (Dark Mix) Tryad
The 48 Skanks Pitch Black

Tribal music at the Pavillion

In keeping with the special programming theme in the Pavilion Friday night was Tribal night! There was an impromptu Roman Orgy after the slave auction so they had to put up with non-theme music since no one ever told me about it :) If you are saying, hey this looks familiar you are right. This mix became my Tribal 1 mix up on http://www.getdjpet.com

Track Artist
Tabla Razor Test Dept
God Is God Juno Reactor
Queen Of Cups Medicine Drum
Olympiads Party - Part 1 Su Pra K
Flamingo (Trentemøller Remix) Tomboy
Speed Deep Deep Forest
Deep Tribal Mix Deep Forest
Written In Stone Medicine Drum
We Are The Renegades Of Noize (Haujobb v This Morn Omina) Haujobb
Nitrogen (Part 2) Juno Reactor
The Immutable Sphere (ccf) This Morn' Omina
ahriman Ah Cama Sotz
Tabla Rasa (The Tablet Mix) Test Dept
Spanish Fury Implant
You Are God Tryad

Electronic Hail Warning @ the Pavillion

Sat night saw an electronic hail warning at the nightly music weather report, "SOLID BEATS WILL BE FALLING FROM THE SKY"

Track Artist
Satan is Real Electronic Substance Abuse
Atom Bomb Fluke
In the Pit CombiChrist
These Humps Will Mash You Up (Mash up by DJ VLRK) Combichrist vs Black Eyed Peas
River [Robert Babicz Remix] Phonique
The Fears [Outwork Rmx] Vicky Blond
The Beast [Luetzenkirchen Dub] Crimeclub
Flaunt It (Dirty South Remix) (Benny Benassi Remix) TV Rock feat. Seany B
Hold Me Down [Jim Connor & Raw Shape Remix] Emjae
Open Legs (Benny Benassi Remix) Mobbing
Sandstorm (DJ Cobra vs Doug Laurent Electro Edit) Tunnel Alliance
I Love My Sex Benny Benassi & The Biz
Without Emotions Combichrist
Deep Groove DJ Turbo
Satisfaction (Original Album Version) Benny Benassi
Move (electro mix) Moby
Sleep (Angel Alanis & Smitty Mix) Conjure One
First In, First Out (Miss Kittin Mix) FRONT 242
This is my Rifle Combichrist
Regret (Combichrist Remix) Icon Of Coil
Eurodance Megamix The Cynic Project
Master And Slave (His Masters Voice Dirty) [Explicit] Johnnyangel
You Are God (Dark Mix) Tryad
Lying Sack of Shit Combichrist
F You Bitch (Combichrist Remix) Suicide Commando
The Earl [DJpet Godzilla Mix] Massiv In Mensch
Get Your Body Beat (Remix By Manufactura) Combichrist
Electronic Battle Weapon Modulate
Ruler Soman
My Definition... (Soman Remix) [Explicit] Tom Wax
Give Head If You Got It CombiChrist
Unter der Linden (Club Mix) Heimataerde
Tinnitus (remixed by Heimaterde) Noisuf X
Angst (Soman Remix) Reaper
Floorkiller (2004 Version By Xenomorph) Icon Of Coil
Bind Torture Kill (Extended Torture) Suicide Commando

Setlist from Lucky's Gentleman's Club and Champagne Room

I still need to track down the individual tracks that the dancers danced to but here is the live set from the evening. It was a little heavy on TKK at the beginning but I was still setting up and that makes it all ok :)

Track Artist
Strippers only ''China's'' mix My life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Hot Sex Vanilla Ice
Wasted Time ''Lap Dance'' mix My life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Sexy Ladies Let Me Talk to You (Prelude) Justin Timberlake
Operation Sex Trip ''High Heels''' mix My life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Living Dead Girl (Subliminal Seduction Mix) Rob Zombie
Sexplosion! ''Orgazm'' mix My life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Heal My Sexual Tricks Kelis vs. Marvin Gaye
Damn Girl Justin Timberlake
I'm Your Boogie Man (Sex On The Rocks Mix) White Zombie
Pussy Liquor Rob Zombie
Wasted And One
I Sit on Acid [original] Lords of Acid
Bad Pussy (Alternate version) Bloodhound Gang vs Khia
Erotica [Masters At Work Dub] Madonna
Stripper Lords of Acid
Harder Better Faster Controversy Prince vs. Daft Punk
Sex Machine (Get Funky Remix) James Brown
People Are Still Having Sex LaTour
Horny Mousee T
Siren Sex Alarm
Fucking You Makes Me Bilingual Jose Nunez
River [Robert Babicz Remix] Phonique
Sex 'N' Money [Benny Benassi Radio Edit] Paul Oakenfold
Ho's DJ Funk
Stripper Miss Kittin & The Hacker
Hard, Fast & Beautiful ''Tight'' mix My life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Don't Mess with Orgasmatron DJ Earworm Eurythmics vs. Avenue D vs. Mousse T. vs. Anthony Rother
Sex Bomb Lords of Acid
A Martini Built For 2 ''Daddy O'' mix My life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Master And Slave (His Masters Voice Dirty) [Explicit] Johnnyangel
Superbeast (Girl On A Motorcycle Mix) Rob Zombie
Who's Your Daddy? Benny Benassi
Fucking You Makes Me Bilingual Jose Nunez
F cking Boyfriend (Peaches remix) the bird and the bee
Electro Samba Alex Effe
The Beast [Luetzenkirchen Dub] Crimeclub
Sandstorm (DJ Cobra vs Doug Laurent Electro Edit) Tunnel Alliance
Hold Me Down [Jim Connor & Raw Shape Remix] Emjae
Dirtygrrrls Dirtybois (electro for the masses remix) Faderhead
Electro Body Music (freak edit) Sebastian Komor
The Earl [DJpet Godzilla Mix] Massiv In Mensch
Sex in Limousine Monosex
Durty Beats (Club Thumpa Mix) Rock Rockwell
Ride A White Horse (Fk Ek Vocal Version) Goldfrapp
Don't Go [Tee's Freeze Mix] Yaz
Love Shack [DJ Tonka Remix] The B 52's
Stop Go Benny Benassi
Fixing Up For a Love Connection (ft. Dizzee Rascal) Stereo MC's vs. Madonna
L.S.I. (Love Sex Intelligence) (Beatmasters 12'' mix) The Shamen
Who Needs Love (Like That) (Phil Kelsey Remix) Erasure
I'm So Alive Love And Rockets
Am Eternal KLF
Flicking Your Switch Ladytron
Beirut Chillout Roger Abboud
Allahi Allah (Carmen Rizzo Remix) Niyaz
Sexy Ladies Let Me Talk to You (Prelude) Justin Timberlake
Baby Got Back Jonathan Coulton