August 10th, 2009


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I just got a mac, there I said it :)

I was seduced by teh sexiness of the new 2.8Ghz Dual Core 500GB/7200RPM MacbookPro 17" with antiglare 1920x1200 display!

I'm in the process of moving over all of my apps (Live7, Mixmeister7, Massive, Battery3, Office) to the mac versions since pretty much everything that I own SW wise has a license that will allow me to do that except my CS3 master collection; that pretty much forces me to use VMware Fusion running XP in a virt machine. Fusion 2.0 is actually really nice since it will just dump all of your XP windows right into Finder and they just look like normal Mac apps. Considering that I was on a single core Pentium 4M with 1GB of ram moving over to a dual core 4GB ram means that even under Fusion the apps are pretty snappy. I'm going to have to make a big decision at some point as to doing a cross platform upgrade to CS4 master collection if I ever really start doing video editing. But for now things are looking pretty good.

I just got a draft of the next Darq flyer done in CS3 (PS v.10.0). It has a lot more features than 7.0 without moving a lot of stuff around so my work flow wasn't too messed up. The best thing is the refine edge feature that you can preview over a black mask. I have had to do this totally manually for years under 7.0 and this makes me really happy!

The big thing left is to get my light board SW up and running under Fusion (PC app only) I'm having problems with the FTDI USB driver for DLL access to the RS-485 bus chipset. It is possible that the newest drivers are not compatible with the SW and the FTDI site only has the new ones. I'm hoping that I left the .inf file around for the version that is installed on my old XP box as I can re-create the install directory. If not I need to start trolling the web for a driver repository to see if that fixes it. If not I may be in the market for a new DMX light board SW package for the MAC. At a minimum I need the ability to beat detect music, create beat triggered scenes, and have manual overrides for everything. Joystick support would also be nice.

My internet radio show is now on Mondays!

8/10/2009 7-9pm (Tonight!)
DJpet presents 160+ BPMs Baby!

Hey all,

My show has been moved over to Mondays and now you have something to listen to while getting ready for Ceremony! Tonight is going to be a wild ride through the faster stuff.

While things are settling down I'm doing a set tonight and then I will get into a regular weekly slot pretty soon (for a little while I will be doing rewinds to previous sets). I'm also planning for a weekday daytime show called "Music to Work To" and it will feature more ambient and down tempo tracks with a minimum of stuff that would get you fired ;)