March 3rd, 2010


DO Winterfire: Friday night main space 2/26/10

I really love spinning for DO-WF, the main space is over 10,000 sqft and Friday I setup in the middle so I could keep an eye on everything! I was there all day on Thursday building the space with the help of the Hyatt AV staff since they were doing all of the truss structures and the awesome lighting. I was in the booth spinning live for the entire night (8 hours) and it was totally worth it.
Track Artist
In Zeiten Wie Diesen (Noisex Remix) Massiv In Mensch
Blood, Milk And Sky (Miss September Mix) White Zombie
Geh Zur Hoelle (Calm Down Mix) Noisuf X
Joey Beltram Rough Sex (Whip Mix) Lords of Acid
Megalomaniac (D.J. Talla Remix) KMFDM
Wreath of Barbs (Terrorfakt remix) Wumpscut
It's Not Human Mindbender
Richie Hawtin I Must Increase My Bust (Detriot Hardcore Mix) Lords of Acid
Take a Ride (Original Mix) Brooklyn Bounce
Sexy Sucker (Suck It Mix) My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Smack My Bitch Up Prodigy
Who's Your Daddy (David Guetta & Joachim Garraud Remix) Benny Benassi
People Are Still Having Hate Sex Around The World DJpet presents... La Tour vs Daft Punk vs Rammstein
Axel F Iszoloscope
Sex Machine (Get Funky Remix) James Brown
Joey's ''Sample to the Lab'' Lords of Acid
Come On Up and Try My New Trekka [DJpet_Mashup] DJpet presents....Repo! the Genetic Opera vs. Puscifer
Pornography (Extended Edit) Client
Move Jim Verraros
Ride A White Horse (Ewan Pearson Disco Odyssey Part 1) Goldfrapp
Money,Success,Fame,Glamour Felix Da Housecat Vs. Pop Tarts
Military Fashion Show And One
Paranoiattack The Faint
Tear You Apart She Wants Revenge
Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division
History Repeating Propellerheads
FutureSex Lovesounds Justin Timberlake
Erotica [WO 12''] Madonna
Queen D Puscifer
Teardrop Massive Attack
dark side of the moon Pink Floyd
I'm So Alive Love And Rockets
Protect Yourself While Having Sex A plus D
All Your Bass Belongs To Us CombiChrist
We Have Explosive Future Sound Of London
Funky Shit Prodigy
I Sit on Acid [original] Lords of Acid
Who's Your Daddy Benny Benassi
Straight to Video (Mix According to Combichrist) Mindless Self Indulgence
Prince Of E-Ville (Caustic Remix) Combichrist
Sick Fuck (Implant Mix) Unter Null
Tanz Mit Light Beer [djpet mashup] Djpet presents Faderhead vs. Laibach vs. Eisbrecher
Megalomaniac (Excessive Force Remix) KMFDM
You Just Died (Northborn Remix) Icon Of Coil
Combichrist is not your whore [djpet megamix] Djpet presents Combichrist vs. LMFAO vs. Benny Benassi
Ride A White Horse (Fk Ek Vocal Version) Goldfrapp
Some Kinda Freak [Warehouse Mix] Mephisto Odyssey
Master And Slave (His Masters Voice Dirty) Johnnyangel
Right Round Ft. Kesha Flo Rida
Wolfen (Das Tier In Mir) E Nomine
Tikal E.S. Posthumus
O'Dead Armoured Sky Synthetic Dream Foundation
A Question Of Lust Depeche Mode
Inertia creeps Massive Attack
Wandering Star Portishead
Sweet(Burning Mix) Switchblade Symphony
Sweet (Soulchild Radio Mix) Lamb
Darko (Booka's Funk Da Funk Mix) Booka Shade
Release [Masters at Work Main Mix] Afro Celt Sound System
Cutting (PTIncision mix) Ayria
Money,Success,Fame,Glamour Felix Da Housecat Vs. Pop Tarts
F cking Boyfriend (Peaches remix) the bird and the bee
Stars [Way Out West Mix] Dubstar
People Are Still Having Hate Sex Around The World [djpet mashup] DJpet presents... La Tour vs Daft Punk vs Rammstein
Dance Dance Anatomy [djpet Mashup] Djpet presents MSI vs Repo!
Shut Me Up (Tommie Sunshine) Mindless Self Indulgence
Stop Go Benny Benassi
Bring the Noise (Benny Mix) Public Enemy
Release Yo' Delf (Prodigy Mix) Method Man
Posion Prodigy
Block Rockin Beats Chemical Brothers
Digital (Radio Edit) Goldie (Featuring KRS One)
You Don't Tricky
Hot Like Fire (Remix) Aaliyah
Safe From Harm Massive Attack
Sour Times Portishead
Dissolve Switchblade Symphony
They Who Breathe Darkness Synthetic Dream Foundation
Stripped Psy'aviah
Lie To Me Depeche Mode
Lady Marmalade Lords of Acid
Manwich (I'll Eat You Alive Mix) Women Of Sodom
Sympathy for the Devil Laibach
The Outsider Mono
Swallow Emilie Autumn
Needle In A Bruise Mesh
Sometimes Hooverphonic
Black Milk Massive Attack
Barry Gus Gus
if things were perfect Moby
Sour Dub Puscifer
Undercurrent Nuns Of Telekinesis
Desert Wind celt itelli
Desert(TC Remix) Emilie Simon
Love is the Law Professor Angel Dust
falling up egypt mix collide
I'm Looking Forward To Joining Nine Inch Nails
Crucify Tori Amos
Honey (Bammer's Mix) Moby
Black Steel Tricky
When 4 Is Not 3 (Larvae Remix) Censor
Blue Monday [Optical Vocal Mix] Orgy

DO Winterfire: Sat night banquet music 2/27/10

On Saturday I ran sound for the fabulous Wet Spots after a really nice dinner banquet; I actually got a chance to eat this time as I got my own waiter ;) To keep it light and backgroundy I dropped a lot of remixed jazz and other cocktail music. The Verve Remix CDs and the Hotel Costes series are a great place to do dinners from.

Track Artist
The Boy's Doin' It [Carl Craig Remix] Hugh Masekela
Fried Neckbones And Some Home Fries (Dan The Automator Remix) Willie Bobo
Strange Fruit Billie Holiday
Walk On The Wild Side DJ Disse
Return To Paradise Shirley Horn
Speak Low [Bent Remix] [Mix] Billie Holiday
See-Line Woman Nina Simone
Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix) Sarah Vaughan
Nature Devotion Joker Juice
The Breeze Is Black (Moonstar Remix) Zimpala
Morenito (Bossa Mix) Stephane Pompougnac Feat. Clementine
Come On (Sket Remix) Dutch Rhythm Combo Feat. Annik
Peter Gunn [Max Sedgley Remix] [Mix] Sarah Vaughan
Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby_ Dinah Washington
Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix) Nina Simone
Slap The Bass (Miguel Migs Petalpusher Mix) Ella Fitzgerald
Naima's Love Song (DJ Spinna Remix) Betty Carter

DO Winterfire: Sat night main space music 2/27/10

After the concert and dinner we needed to change the space over so the conversion team requested metal and classic rock :) I was in the booth for another 4.5 hours and this time we cranked it up to get some dancing going. There were quite a few people spinning LED poi.

Track Artist
Fat Bottomed Girls Queen
Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd
You Shook Me All Night Long (Live Version) AC/DC
The Muppet Show (Mah Na Mah Na) TV
Nemesis Shriekback
This corrosion The Sisters Of Mercy
Hurricane 2000 (Rock You Like a Hurricane) The Scorpions/Berliner Philharmoniker/Christian Kolonovits
Love Bites Judas Priest
Run Like Hell Pink Floyd
Judas Be My Guide Iron Maiden
Pussy Liquor Rob Zombie
Perdition Wumpscut
Christian Woman Type O Negative
Symphony Of Destruction Megadeth
Queen B Puscifer
When You're Evil Voltaire
Jesus Christ Superstar Laibach
Mitternacht E Nomine
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Eurythmics
Personal Jesus Marilyn Manson
Christfuck Wumpscut
Head Like A Hole Nine Inch Nails
Flashback Ministry
Under Deck Funker Vogt
Get Your Body Beat (Remix By KMFDM) Combichrist
Skullfuck (Combichrist Mix) Modulate
These Humps Will Mash You Up (Mash up by DJ VLRK) Combichrist vs Black Eyed Peas
Shallow Nation (2004 Version Remix By Xenomorph) Icon Of Coil
Zombie (Original mix) Louis Proud
Requiem for a hit Abe Duque remix Miss Kittin
Sleep (Angel Alanis & Smitty Mix) Conjure One
Oh Yeah Yello
Renegade Master Wild Child
Dirty Dog Fat Bastard
Afrodub (Space Mix) Maurizio Baiocchi
Gush Trentemoller
What Else Is There (Trentemoller Remix) Royksopp
The Back Door Jerome Sydenham
F k You! (EmSlice vs. Denga Remix) Supakorn
Electricite Keeko & Celine
Fucking You Makes Me Bilingual Jose Nunez
River [Robert Babicz Remix] Phonique
Funkelectricsoultrain (Novy meets Adrian Bahil remix) Rockabilly
Prince Of E-Ville (Caustic Remix) Combichrist
Lady Business (Caustic Mix) Caustic
Enhancer (Triple D Cl0b Mix By Caustic) C/A/T
I Wanna Be Your Dog Joan Jett
Set Yourself On Fire Charlotte Gainsbourg
Buzz Chamber Sam
Orgasm Noisuf X
Die Motherfucker Die (Die Twice Remix By Noisuf-X) Suicide Commando
Acquire The Fire Faderhead
Personal Jesus Depeche Mode
Spitfire (05 Version) The Prodigy
Blut! Sex! Fire! Hanzel und Gretyl
Born In Sin (DJ Psycon Mix) Virgins O.R Pigeons
Sick Fuck (Tamtrum Mix) Unter Null
Wreath of Barbs (Terrorfakt remix) Wumpscut
Kathy's Song (Beborn Beton Remix) Apoptygma Berzerk
Genesis (Icon of Coil Version) Vnv Nation