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EBM Club Mix I

For those that have a copy, here is the set list. I am really happy with this one. It's pretty high energy with lots of dance tracks. As always, this is a continous mix disk with cue points. Please do not play this on shuffle or it will not make sense. I don't have much control where the cue points get put in when the CD is burned so if you want to hear the actual mix point b/w two tracks you will need to rewind a bit from each point.

1) Another World (Ephemeral Rage)
Beborn Beton - Tales From Another World (The Best of Beborn Beton) (Disc 2)

2) Blue Light
Fictional - Fictitious [+]

3) Find You're Gone
Wolfsheim - Casting Shadows

4) Trust You
Mesh - Fragmente

5) Until the End of the World
Apoptygma Berzerk - Harmonizer

6) Disappoint - Funker Vogt (RMX)
Assemblage 23 - Disappoint

7) Forever (Original Club Mix)
Bruderschaft - Forever (CD1)

8) Without You
Code 64 - Storm 2003

9) Dead Stars [Version]
Covenant - United States of Mind

10) Timekiller (And One Remix)
Project Pitchfork - Timekiller (MCD)

L'ame Immortelle - Wenn Der Letzte Schatten Faellt

12)Kathy's Song (Victoria Mix by VNV)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathy's Song CDM

13) If We Should Ignore This
De/vision - Antiquity

14) Never Tomorrow
Imperative Reaction - Ruined

15) The Bomb (Extended)
Neuroticfish - Bomb

16) I Am the Rain
Assemblage 23 - Failure

17) Stay Young
Colony 5 - Lifeline

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