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Synthpop Mix II

If you are wondering what happened to Synthpop I, it sucked :) It was the first disc I tried to mix using MixMeister before I actually knew how to use the software. This one more than makes up for the first one. Forever is one of my favorite tracks and as a bonus you get a track off of the new Covenant release. The new Covenant CD is OK. It really needs to be remixed for the dance floor. I really, really like Deine Lakaien's voice, it is too bad that he can't do a decent synth track to save his life. This remix really works and it starts the mix off on the right foot. This is the first time I was actually able to get a NamNamBulu track into a mix. Like Wolfshiem they are a bitch to mix in. In Wolfsheim's case it's vocals all the way to the end where the track slams off. In NamNamBulu's case it's some funky meter thing. It never sounds good coming in, it may be a 12/4 thing going on.

1) Where You Are (VNV Nation RMX)
Deine Lakaien - Where You Are-Remixed

2) Forever (Original Club Mix)
Bruderschaft - Forever (CD1)

3) Heart-shaped tumor (Icon of coil mix)
De/Vision - Heart-Shaped Tumor CDM

4) Timemachine (Neurotransmitter Mix)

5) Go Film (Hard Version 2)

6) Access And Amplify (Club mix)
Icon Of Coil-Access And Amplify

7) Without You (Spektron-Mix)
Code 64-Storm

8) Elysium (Club Mix)

9) Love The Giver (Eskil Simonsson Of Covenant remix)
Claire Voyant-Time Again: A Collection Of Remixes [UK]

10) Awake [Imperative Reaction Mix]
Assemblage 23 - Addendum

11) Sentiment
[-SITD-] - Metropolis 2005

12) Ritual Noise
Covenant - Skyshaper

13) Wanted
HMB - Great Industrial Love Affairs

14) Starlight
Fictional - Fictitious [+]

15) Kathy's Song (Beborn Beton Remix)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathy's Song CDM

16) Now Or Never (Distances Remix)
NamNamBulu - Distances
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