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latest corset photoshoot

Well, the photoshoot went really well with ragingamazon. I was able to get my new red and black corset done to get a few shots of me in it. ayalanya was photographed in the blue patterned velvet corset and matching skirt that I made her. I also made the lace choker to go with. water_childe was photographed in the metallic silver ankh corset that I made quite a while ago.

I put the set together for water_childe from construction debris that I found around the photo site. I'll post pics as I get them edited. The rest of the sets are permanent installations at the photostudio.

I still need to get new pics up at the site but I did update the intro page with a new picture. Let me know if it works well in your browser. The text shouldn't go over the pic much if at all when it is resized small.
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