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I just finished up with the measurement session for Molly Heartbreaker She is a model and dancer from RI. Her OMP profile is here. Both links are totally NSFW. The work is in exchange for pics for the site as well as being a walking billboard for CC at the Flea as well as other conventions. I feel like such a fashion pusher...come on just one little taste ;) It was a really good thing that I gave Scott over at BigHeadStudio a card *yay*

The design is coming together quite well. It's going to be an underbust in all black w/ pinstripes. The straps are going to be men's bracers connected with buttons. There will be fake flap pockets at the bottom to give the corset a suit jacket look. I'm still deciding if I want to make a flap and button over the busk for a real suit look or not. I could just run a line of fake buttons up the busk. I'm going to make a pencil skirt to go with, it will be cut on the bias to make the pinstripes slant upwards and give the skirt a bit of stretch. It will be slit up the right side all the way to the hip. I will also be making pinstriped pasties with a button on the nipple point so that it can button into the suspenders. Hopefully this will mean that the pasties do not need to be glued on. Molly has a big back tattoo of a succubus (NSFW) that I want to make sure that 'her' face is peeking out over the back of the corset.
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