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Scene Mix II (SuperSex)

I have had this one on the backburner for quite some time waiting on a few good tracks. While needing to go out and get some air I stopped into my old favorite music store "Dearborn Music" and ran across a few CDs that I have been meaning to get for a while; they were used and in great condition! The Sex Album is Jessica Vale's concept in which she sampled tons of people having sex, morphed the sounds and made MIDI patchsets that sound nothing like the individual sounds. Some of her lyrics need work, but a few tracks do stand out. I also picked up a CD by Pussy Tourette, she really needs no introduction. I really need to get "Dyke That You Are" on some mix; think Drag Queen Opera *yay*

I started this project to have CDs to play at sex parties, not that I know what they are or where they might be going on *wink* I wanted all of the tracks to be just a little bit too much ;) Some of the tracks I futzed with to get the tone right. I really hacked up "God's Gift To Woman" since parts were really hard guitar based and didn't fit at all with the other tracks. I just really liked the voice overs and they meshed really well with the intro to the final track. There is a part where the final voice over it going "I'm going to wisper words that you never heard listen baby..." and then the final voice over from "God's Gift To Woman" goes, "you where born to worship my cock" *grin* I figure that if I can stop a scene and make everyone start giggling like little schoolgirls then my work is complete :)

1) Boy In Black
Jessica Vale-The Sex Album

2) Swallow Me
Bigod 20-Supercute

3) Get Down Make Love
Nine Inch Nails-Sin

4) I Touch Myself
Jack Off Jill? Genitorturers?

5) Justify My Love
Front Line Assembly

6) Erotica

7) Sexplosion! "Orgazm" mix
My life with the Thrill Kill Kult-Dirty Little Secrets

8) Wet Spot
And One-Virgin Superstar

9) I Sit on Acid [original]
Lords of Acid-Lust

10) ...Kiss
Pussy Tourette-Who Does She Think She Is?

11) Disco Libido
Jessica Vale-The Sex Album

12) Sin (Dub)
Nine Inch Nails-Sin

13) Show Me Your Pussy
Lords Of Acid

14) I Could Have Sex

15) Frank Sinatra [BP vs. Effcee Mix]
Miss Kittin & The Hacker
BP vs. Effcee - Destroy all DJs

16) Sleep (Angel Alanis & Smitty Mix)
Conjure One

17) Dissolved Girl
Massive Attack-Mezzanine

18) Jesse's Blues
John Further-The Fashionistas Soundtrack

19) God's Gift To Woman
Psychopomps-Six Six Six Nights In Hell

20) Erotic Dreams
E-Rotic - The Power Of Sex

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