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Fast Mix (140+BPM)

Since I have been in Michigan without much to do late at nights, I have been finishing a bunch of mixes that I started a while ago. This one is a continuation of the BPM series that started with the Under 90BPM disc. It can be hard finding things that work well together with the only theme is speed. This disc has some duplicates, I usually don't go for having two tracks by the same band but for some reason it worked here. It would be cruel to have pounding 140+BPM beats for the entire disk so there are some lulls where it gets softer but not slower thanks to Juno Reactor. Flesh Field is on twice as well. They are an amazing female led industrial band that has a really wide range of stuff. Their tracks are not just cookie cutter copies of each other. They really work well with Juno Reactor which is probably why they are on this one so much.

I really like the way the intro flows into the second track and I also really like the way that the Crud track overlays the end of the final Flesh Feild track.

I gushed about Crud in another thread but this track is really good; I have a feeling it will show up in a scene mix soon. What's not to love about lyrics like:

Get Down ... Assume the Position
Get Down ... This is Sumbission ... Love

For some reason it really makes me giggle when I see a Combichrist remix of Icon of Coil. I mean it's pretty schizophrenic, remixing yourself ;) Don't get me wrong, it really works, but I can just see Andy LaPlegua mixing up the patch sets... ;)

1) Intro
Prodigy-Music for the Jilted Generation

2)Might Have Been
HMB-Great Industrial Love Affair

Flesh Field-Strain

Juno Reactor-Labyrinth

5)Like to Thank my Buddies
Combichrist-Everybody Hates You

6)Speedway (Theme from Fastlane)
Prodigy-Music for the Jilted Generation

7)Krügers Krieger
Massiv In Mensch-An Exploration In Trance

8)Colombian Necktie [Grit Your Teeth Mix]
Front Line Assembly-Re-Wind Disc 2

9)Children of the Night
Juno Reactor-Bible of Dreams

10)The Earl
Massiv In Mensch-An Exploration In Trance

11)Dead Planet
Front Line Assembly-Epitaph

Assemblage 23-Contempt

13)Leid und Elend

14)Regret (Combichrist Remix)
Icon Of Coil-Uploaded And Remixed

15)The Collapse
Flesh Field-Strain

16)Assume the Position
Crud-Devil At The Wheel

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