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Business card design for dahling

One of the many things I did this last weekend was help design dahling's new business cards. She has been stuck on them for quite some time and I stepped up to the plate with my new Wacom tablet.

Link to the card design, slightly NSFW

Since a lot of the pictures involved her hair across the background it is damn near impossible to cut the background out without losing detail in the hair. I ended up using a diffusion cloud on a slightly transparent layer to make the shadows around her look like a part of the cloud. I filled the rest of the backround with a neutral grey so that I could erase the cloud that covered her and not have to worry about getting a light halo around her where I accidentally erased too much of the cloud.

All in all I really like the design. The use of Garamond and Palintino Linotype gave the card a classic look and having a background that is not white will make the card stand out. OvernightPrints is really great. They do a UV gloss coat for free and even with shipping it's still cheaper than VistaPrint before they even add shipping.
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