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Scene Mix I (BDSM)

Thanks to zzbottom for reminding me about posting the first of the two scene mixes. The other was the SuperSex Mix. This one I made a while back for fortryll. I told my self just how fucked up of a mix could I make. I knew that she could handle it ;) This one has everything on it. Just in case you don't speak German nor Latin, the E Nomine track is about a werewolf hunting a woman in the forest. It is sung by the guy who does Al Pachino's voiceovers when they are dubbed in German.

I just couldn't resist the "Forgive her for she knows not what she does" intro to Christian Women. I even repeated it over and over at the end of the previous track.

The winner for fucked up creepy lyrics is Mesh. People Like Me With This Gun is one screwed up track ;)

[edit - since I couldn't leave things alone I went and added an intro track, there is only one copy out there without the intro so just adjust the tracks down ]

1)Boyd Rice
Assume the Position (with Vadge Moore (Chthonic Force))

Club Dance Mix

3)Das Tier In Mir
E Nomine-Finsternis

Noise Unit-Drill

Alien Sex Fiend-Nocturnal Emissions


7)Blunt Force Trauma

8)Pretty Toy
Velvet Acid Christ-Metropolis 2003

9)Evil Playground [Chainsaw Mix]
Front Line Assembly-Re-Wind Disc 2

10)Slavery Is Guaranteed
Bigod 20-Supercute

11)The Machineries of Joy
Die Krupps-Metalmorphosis Of Die Krupps '81-'92

12)Rough Sex
Lords of Acid-Lust

13)Masochist 2
Die Form-Vicious Circles: The Best of Die Form

14)Slavesex 994
Die Form-Vicious Circles: The Best of Die Form

Nitzer Ebb-Showtime

16)Shrieks & Sighs (Ext Remix)

17)People Like Me With This Gun
Mesh-The Point At Which It Falls Apart

18)Swallow Me
Bigod 20-Supercute

19)Needle In A Bruise
Mesh-The Point At Which It Falls Apart

20)Christian Woman
Type O Negative-Gothic Club Classics Vol. 1 CD2

21)A Strange Kind of Love [Version 1]
Peter Murphy-Deep

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