mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

Fitting weirdness

Through an interesting set of circumstances I now have two clients with almost the same measurements. To save some time I had client #2 try on the fitting corset from client #1 before I tore it up for the parts. Both wanted a long line Victorian underbust. An interesting thing is that both corset's busks twisted. This is the classic symptom of an asymetric body. One side of the corset moves up and the other moves down thus twisting the busk. On client #1, her waist is 1" lower on the right but her ribcage is the same size on both sides (her ribcage is actually longer on the right). For client #2 her right ribcage is actually 1/2" larger around, I didn't check to see if it went down further (my guess is yes) They both twisted the exact same amount but for different reasons.

It looks like I will add a quick check during the first set of measurements for asymetricness. It will save me a lot of time as this is the third client that has exhibited this tendency. I normally measure from the waist to the floor on both sides but this check failed me this time since the client also has another asymetry that cancels the waist one out when added together.
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