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Costumes and housewares - a brand-new swap!

Give us your tired, your unused, your huddled fondue pots and table lamps burning to break free. Bring your togas, your angel wings, and huge cardboard cutouts with state capitals written in. We want rugs, towels, mirrors! We want Marx brothers glasses, funny hats, and capes! In short, we are planning a swap, and you're invited!

Nitty Gritty:
Sunday, October first from one to four pm
Please bring at least one bag of stuff. Anything costumey is welcome, as is any houseware item that you could theoretically purchase somewhere like Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Furniture is okay as long as you can lift it by yourself and you're willing and able to take it to a charity place after the swap if no one wants it.

Q: What's a swap?
A: You bring your tired old stuff, we bring our tired old stuff, we swap it for exciting new stuff, and the leftovers go to charity. Everyone declutters, everyone gets new things, we all hang out, and the world benefits. What could be better?

Q: Tell me more about the kinds of things you envision coming to this swap.
A: Towels, sheets, blankets. Kitchen gadgets, dishes, pots and pans. Light fixtures. Art. Costumes or parts of costumes. Vases. Pillows. Organizational stuff, like tupperware under-the-bed boxes. The sky's the limit!

Q: Great! I have a whole houseful of stuff like this!
A: Space is limited, so please try to whittle it down to about what you could fit in the trunk of a car. Bring the best stuff here and drop the rest off at Goodwill.

Q: Anything I shouldn't bring?
A: Anything too big for you to carry by yourself (like a futon or couch). Books. Non-costume clothing. Music.

Q: I want stuff that I can use for art projects (or other nontraditional purposes). Is that cool?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Where do you live again?
A: We're in Davis Square. Please email me for directions if you don't already know how to get here. Yes, this is a public event, but I don't post our address publicly.

Q: I don't think I can make it, but I have stuff I want to drop off. Does that work?
A: Absolutely! Send me email and we'll make arrangements.

Q: Where else will this invite be publicized?
A: Polyboston, bostonbarter, our party list, and anywhere else we can think of that seems relevant.

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