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Setlist from last night's party

Everything really came together for this set. There were quite a few stand out tracks. 'I want a Cookie' was a lot of people's favorite ;) Lords of Acid was the most requested band as evidenced by the many tracks in the playlist.

I am really happy with the two overlay/dub tracks that I put together. The Juan Maclean's 'Crush the Liberation' was brought together with this track that I found a while back. Basically someone mashed up a Martha Stewert cooking demo with a BDSM paddling class :) I call the new track Spank the Liberation! The other was Boyd Rice doing 'Assume the Position' during a lull in the Prodigy's Firestarter. I used the instrumental version to extend the lull out to get the whole monologue in.

Track Artist BPM
Strange Days Sheep On Drugs 82
Deeper and Deeper Mark Pistel with Danger Girl 89.5
Ray Charles vs. Freaky Loop - What'd I Say / Get Ur Freak On BP vs. Effcee 89.9
Fear_Factory_Scumgrief_v._Pink_Get_This_Party_Started Aggro1 83.1
Life Is Pain Luxt 90
Girls That Swear Crud 108
Xibalba Amduscia 120
Let your body learn Nitzer Ebb 130.7
Skin Assemblage 23 135
Lost In The Dark Ravenous 133
Spite Luxt 130
Weisses Fleisch Rammstein 132.1
Pussycat Dolls Beep v. Cosmos Take Me With You Aggro1 128.8
Felix Da Housecat feat. Miss Kittin - Silver Screen Shower Scene (FC Kahuna Remix) BP vs. Effcee 125.1
Missing Persons vs. Sen Dog - Walking in LA (Technova Remix) BP vs. Effcee 125.3
Rescue Me Adeva 127
we want models dj wig 129.4
Bad Pussy (Alternate version) Bloodhound Gang vs Khia 123
Tommy The Cat Primus 128.8
Sophia (Here I Am club mix) Crüxshadows 131
Bleed Me White (come of age mix) DeVision 127
Bittersweet Symphony (Remix) Moby 134.1
Because we can Fatboy Slim 140
Genesis (Icon of Coil Version) Vnv Nation 135
Endorph Fusion Vs Reiners Fest Massiv In Mensch 127
Straight to Video (Khz Death Mix) Mindless Self Indulgence 123
From My Hands Cephalgy 120
Gefallen L'ame Immortelle 125
Luc "Raid" van Acker / Crablouse (Super Scratcher with a Golden Shower Rainbow Mix) Lords of Acid 116.9
Go Film Covenant 119.9
Crusade [:SITD:] 115
Nitzer Ebb - I Give To U (Remix Version) Nitzer Ebb 108.8
Dead Heaven Gary Numan 99.9
Suck It Down "Wet Cookie Mix" Luxt 90
Lords of Acid / Who Do You Think You Are? Lords of Acid 92
Hand in Hand My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult 90.5
Get Down, Make Love Nine Inch Nails 91
1:1.618 mindFIELD 82.5
I Want My Innocence Back Emilie Autumn 93
Not a Virgin Poe 119
Paper Doll Louis XIV 83
Fun For Me Moloko 88.5
Strippers only - "China's" mix My life with the Thrill Kill Kult 91.1
Blue Buddha - Master of the UltraFlesh Mix My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult 90.1
Bringing Sexy Back Justin Timerlake 117
Erotica Razed In Black vs. Transmutator 112.2
Cum_Too ? 120
Kiss Factory Miss Kittin 126
Velvet Pants Propellerheads 129.8
Lady Marmalade Lords of Acid 112
Ladyshave Gus Gus 115
LTNO - Boys (And Girl Mix) feat. Mami Chan BP vs. Effcee 122
Crush The Liberation Juan Maclean 120
Martha Stewert Wants to Spank Me Overlay 117.9
Requiem for a hit - GE + GM remix Miss Kittin 132.2
Ludo's "Coming Even Harder" Lords of Acid 141.9
Club Bizarre Brooklyn Bounce 140.1
I Want A Cookie The Evolution Control Committee 141.3
Firestarter Prodigy 141.5
Firestarter (Instrumental) Prodigy 141.5
Boyd Rice - Assume the Position (with Vadge Moore (Chthonic Force)) Boyd Rice 118.5
Like to Thank my Buddies Combichrist 140
X-Ray (Follow Me) Space Frog 138
Im innern einer frau (fishmix) Beborn Beton 138
Sweet Stuff Click Click 136.6
Consumer Icon of Coil 136
Chainsaw - Josh Wink remix Skinny Puppy 131.3
Megalomaniac (Excessive Force Remix) KMFDM 127.9
Go (delirium mix) Moby 130
Shining Skinned Friend Juan Maclean 130
Your Dream Fictional 129.9
Hard, Fast & Beautiful - "Club Ex" mix My life with the Thrill Kill Kult 129.9
Stripper Miss Kittin & The Hacker 129.8
Siren Sex Alarm 128
Why It's So Hard Dead Or Alive 133.1
Spank My Booty (Paddles and Whipped Cream Mix by Tipsy) Lords of Acid 136.1
I Could Have Sex Technova 130
The Machineries of Joy Die Krupps 130.4
Slavery Is Guaranteed Bigod 20 130.2
Are You Ready To Die? Amduscia 130
From My Hands Cephalgy 120
Carpe Diem [Transmission Mix] Bigod 20 123.1
Headhunter V1.0 Front 242 123
The Muppets Techno KMFDM 130
Pac Man Theme (Techno Remix) Orbital 132.8
Show Me Your Pussy Lords Of Acid 130
Joy VNV Nation 129
Go To Hell KMFDM 130.1
Electric Molecular [KMFDM Death Before Taxes Mix] Chemlab 128.8
Stalker (Club Mix) Covenant 128.9
X-Ray (Tranceformer Mix) Camouflage 135
Don't Go (Eighty 64C Short Cut Remix by Wumpscut) Wumpscut 132
Flexibility Miss Kittin & The Hacker 132.8
Space Divider (Video Edit) Neuroactive 130
Trance Generation The Cynic Project 135
Purple Gus Gus 135.1
Why It's So Hard Dead Or Alive 133.1
Lucky Star Switchblade Symphony 71.2

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