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Setlist from last night's Hentai party

The music went really well last night. The big hit was the Japanese language lesson remixes that I did of the various Juno Reactor and trance tracks. A couple of the Juno Reactor tracks were from the Matrix and it really felt like the speed learning modules ;) Also the Godzilla remix of The Earl is so going to be saved for later.

Many thanks to those that helped out for the party esp. for those that pointed me towards all of the music. Schwarz Stein is going into my normal rotation, their synth programming is top notch and the vocals are really interesting.

Track Artist
Haruka Kanata Asian Kung-Fu Generation
l-r DeathnoteTribute
Asu he no Basho Edward Elric (Paku Romi)
Melissa Porno Graffiti
N.p.s N.g.s Malice Mizer
Tetsujin Juno Reactor
Lesson 25-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
Lesson 24-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
Lesson 28-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
Mirror (Mars Ver.) Gackt
Far Shout Ending Theme Nakaido Chabo Reichi
Multi-Matrix Theatrical Version Ending Theme Armitage The Third
avant garde DeathnoteTribute
Big in Japan Alphaville
?? BoA
Harajuku Girls Gwen Stefani
LTNO - Boys (And Girl Mix) feat. Mami Chan BP vs. Effcee
???? Tamaki Nami
OASIS (Mars Ver.) Gackt
Japanese Bodies (12' Mix) Leather Strip
fester love Schwarz Stein
Samurai Juno Reactor
Testament Schwarz Stein
I Want A Cookie The Evolution Control Committee
Transylvania Malice Mizer
The Dawn Brooklyn Bounce
Lolite (trancelite remix by Francis A. Preve) Claire Voyant
Madonna Get Together v. Gwen Stefani Luxurious Aggro1 Mashup
Fortune Tamaki Nami
Always (Techno Dance Remix) Erasure
Blue Monday [Club 69 Mix] Orgy
ROCKS Hound Dog
Tsuki no Uragawa Toru Ohkawa
Communication (Someone Answer the Phone) Mario Piu
Lesson 20-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
09-Blue Pace- Aur'Elie 09-Blue Pace- Aur'Elie
Lesson 20-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
Lesson 19-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
Lesson 34-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
Emergence of Silence Schwarz Stein
Ready Steady Go L'Arc en Ciel
If you wanna Ride Brooklyn Bounce
Sorcerer Hunters Theme
New vogue children Schwarz Stein
-Fly Away- Tamaki Nami
Madrigal Malice Mizer
garden DeathnoteTribute
Yami no Kanata e Malice Mizer
Miz'erable/Tiny Voice, Production Remix Gackt
Power of infinity Slayers
Daia no Hana (Anime ver.) Yoriko
Kodomo no Omocha - Ultra Relax ????
Kesenai Tsumi Nana Kitade
Renai Sankousho ~Love reference book~
Menschenfresser (Klubmischung) melotron
Release me Schwarz Stein
08-Rhinneradio-Kuvala (Wazari Mix) 08-Rhinneradio-Kuvala (Wazari Mix)
Lesson 17-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
Lesson 14-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
Lesson 11-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
Lesson 14-a (overlay) Living Language Programs
No Man's Land Covenant
Egee umi no oyogu~the vault of heaven~ Malice Mizer
Heroine Tamaki Nami
Queen of Decadence Schwarz Stein
The Earl Massiv In Mensch
godzilla – roar (overlay)
godzilla - size of those footprints (overlay)
godzilla - sea of fire (overlay)
diabolo - lucifer DeathnoteTribute
Future Step Tamaki Nami
Kesenai Tsumi Nana Kitade
-Fly Away- Tamaki Nami
Ready Steady Go L'Arc en Ciel
Firestarter Prodigy
Teahouse Juno Reactor Featuring Gocoo
Mona Lisa Juno Reactor - Don Davis
Lesson 37-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
Lesson 20-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
Lesson 15-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
Succubus Schwarz Stein
Transylvania Malice Mizer
Reason Reproduction?flash-forward mix Tamaki Nami
Armitage The Main Theme Armitage The Third
Extreme Ways [DJ Tiësto's Vocal Remix] Tiesto
slayers-runalltheway.mp3 Megumi Hayashibara
anime - Gundam Wing Opening Theme Japanese
Hagane no Kokoro Edward Elric (Paku Romi)
Tsuki no Uragawa Toru Ohkawa
Emu ~for my deay~ Gackt
anime - Gun Smith Cats Main Theme <Unknown>
transient Schwarz Stein
Japanese Bodies (12' Mix) Leather Strip
High Energy Protons [Orion Mix] [*] Juno Reactor
Lesson 19-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
Lesson 21-b (overlay) Living Language Programs
Psychic TV - The Infinite (Remix) Psychic TV
Soft Shoe Snoozin' (feat Princess Superstar) Gonzeles
Staring Problem No Doubt
Fear Factory/Scumgrief vs. Pink/Get This Party Started aggro1 Mashup
Rock With You BoA
avant garde DeathnoteTribute
Shi no Buto~a romance of the Cendrillon~ Malice Mizer
Tobira no Mukou he YeLLOW Generation
Dreams Come True S.E.S
Tasogare no umi Hack Sign
ID:Peace B BoA
himitsu kessha DeathnoteTribute
Groove Ground Mistress Minx
Confessions of a Knife (Theme Part II) My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Corroded cage Schwarz Stein
RETURNABLE MEMORIES Edward Elric (Paku Romi)

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