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more on DJ name

Well DJpet seems to be winning but I don't think that it works for my more dark/goth/industrial stuff that I spin. DJ Finsternis works great for that but doesn't work for my more sexy/fluffy/thwacky stuff that I spin at sex parties.

I'm thinking of doing both. I snagged www.djfinsternis.com since it was wide open and only 6.95 for the year. djpet.com is tied up with a Japanese pet site and petproductions.com is a fetish night in London and Hollywood. getdjpet.com is open, however.

I need to make a card for djpet as well.



Dec. 27th, 2006 08:00 pm (UTC)
I like DjPet myself. after all, people have pet pitbulls too. Finsternis is too hard to spell and pronounce, and having one of those names myself (though really it isn't that hard) it's more hassle than it is worth.