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Setlist from Domina @ Club Choices

Domina at Club Choices is starting to gain momentum. I managed to bring in over 20 people and we took over the basement and actually got some play started. aseekeroftruth rigged up a bondage space out of the existing pool table and I spun two-one hour sets up on the main stage.

I will be doing it again next Tues so come on out and have some fun without having to go all the way down to RI :) The last theme for the playspace was rope. Anyone want to step up and pick a theme and organize something for next week? Just be aware that the ceiling is only 7 feet so if you bring any furniture make sure it's not too tall.

The night will be moving to Thursday's on June 7 and I will be spinning then as well.

First Set

Title Artist
Bela Lugosi's Dead Bauhaus
Die 10 Gebote E Nomine
Nightmare Before Christmas (remix) Pop Will Eat Itself
Monsters V2.0 The Crüxshadows
Nitemare Brainbug
Swamp Thing Juno Reactor
Juke Joint Jezebel KMFDM
The Days of Swine and Roses My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Headhunter V1.0 Front 242
Bloodletting - The Vampire Song Concrete Blond
Rain of Blood Die Form
Cassandra (Ego Likeness Remix) The Crüxshadows
Echoes (Pink Floyd Cover) Alien Sex Fiend

Second Set

Title Artist
Vater Unser (Synchronstimme: Robert De Niro) E NOMINE
Timekiller (And One Remix) Project Pitchfork
Another World [Extended Remix] Beborn Beton
Find You're Gone Wolfsheim
Sweet(Burning Mix) Switchblade Symphony
Dead Stars (Club Version) Covenant
Panzermensch And One
Genesis (Icon of Coil Version) VNV Nation
Disappoint [Funker Vogt Remix] Assemblage 23
Zombienation (v.2k5) [GRENDEL]
Megalomaniac (Excessive Force Remix) KMFDM
The Bog (Dance Mix) Bigod 20
Are You Ready To Die? Amduscia
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