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Setlist from Domina 6-7-07 Club Choices

Got to spin a little more this last time. The move to Thursdays is drawing more people even with the Skinny Puppy concert going on down in Boston. The downstairs set was a tad bit schizophrenic, not many sets can go from Rammstein to The Pet Shop Boys ;)

Upstairs Setlist

Track Artist
Starlight Fictional
Stars [Way Out West Mix] Dubstar
Riveted (A23 remix) Mono Chrome
Wiretrip Icon of Coil
Ground Zero Fr/action
Eurydice The Cruxshadows
Chrome VNV Nation
Forward Angels & Agony
Starsign Apoptygma Berzerk
Silence (Sanctuary Mix) Delerium
Stalker (Club Mix) Covenant
Das Tier In Mir E Nomine
More The Sisters Of Mercy
Megalomaniac (Excessive Force Remix) KMFDM
Panzermensch And One
Shallow Nation (2004 Version Remix By Xenomorph) Icon Of Coil
Timekiller (And One Remix) Project Pitchfork
Danger is the Shame Iris
Without You (Spektron-Mix) Code 64
Dein Meister (Funker Vogt Remix) Melotron
This is my Rifle Combichrist
O Fortuna (Apocalypse Chorus Mix) Apotheosis
Document Assemblage 23
Im innern einer frau (fishmix) Beborn Beton

Downstairs Setlist

Track Artist
Never Surrender / Citadel (Clan of Xymox Remix) The Crüxshadows
She Sells Sanctuary The Cult
Lucretia my reflection The Sisters Of Mercy
The Bog (Dance Mix) Bigod 20
Vater Unser (Synchronstimme: Robert De Niro) E NOMINE
The Dope Show Marilyn Manson
Dirty (Urkom Remix) Grendel
House on Fire Assemblage 23
The Journey Funker Vogt
Sex Bomb Lords of Acid
Weisses Fleisch Rammstein
Control Traci Lords
Biochemical Structure Divinorum
Silence (Fade's Sanctuary Mix Edit) Delerium
Evil Ladytron
Another World [Extended Remix] Beborn Beton
Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) Pet Shop Boys
Who Needs Love (Like That) (Phil Kelsey Remix) Erasure
Ride a White Horse Goldfrapp
Space Divider (Original Mix) Neuroactive
Jasmine and Rose Clan of Xymox
Darkangel VNV Nation
Unseen Eyes Midnight Syndicate
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