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Domina FAQ

I have been getting some questions about the event so I figured that I would post a short FAQ.

* Where is the event:

Domina is at Club Choices in Union Sq. Somerville. 381 Somerville Ave Right across the street from the Market Basket.

* When is the event:

_Every_ Thursday from 9pm to 1am

* How much is it?

$5 but here are usually ways to get a buck off admission.

* 5 bucks, is there any way to get in free?

Yes, if you bring play furniture or do a demo/act (please email me in advance for scheduling) you can get your door charge waived

* What should I wear?

Domina is a fetish night and fetish can be highly subjective. If in doubt just wear black :)

* What kind of music is played

Upstairs tends towards industrial but I really try and mix it up with more synth and futurepop as well as lots of EBM. The playspace is a lot more eclectic. I try and keep the music more light and play anything from 80's remixes to music to spank to :) It really depends on the night and what people are requesting. All of my setlists can be found at The other Djs haven't been keeping setlists online.

* You say playspace, what can I do there?

You cannot engage in sex acts or solicit sex. Keep your clothes on (what little you happen to be wearing) and make sure that you are street legal for Somerville MA. Also since this is a bar please leave home the toys that would be construed as weapons. Beyond that there have been lots of bondage scenes, single tail, flogging, and canning scenes to name a few. Watching is perfectly acceptable but please no puppy-dogging.

* 1am, the night is just getting going!

Somerville really limits club hours, but do not despair there is a caravan of cars that go to IHOP over in Harvard Sq for a pancake munch at 1:30am

* How much are the drinks?

$5 beers/$7 mixed drinks I'm pretty sure that a bottle of water is $3. The club makes it money on the bar, the door is to cover promotions for the night.

* What can I do to help make this night a success?

Tell all of your friends! Also you can help me by cross-posting my announcements. Domina's official webpage is: If you use please drop into and tell everyone that you are Going!

Thanks a bunch!

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