mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

DJpet's Domina Setlist 7-26-07

Downstairs Set (Djpet)

Track Artist
I'm Your Boogie Man (Sex On The Rocks Mix) White Zombie
Torture KMFDM
She's dead (kirlian camera remix) -wumpscut-
Re-Search Die Form
Musique Daft Punk
Bettie My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Lightning Man (RSW Mix) Nitzer Ebb
I Want My Innocence Back Emilie Autumn
Give Me Every Little Thing Juan Maclean
Breath (Myself Into You Mix - Mercurine) Mercurine
I'm So Alive Love And Rockets
Vera Blue [Remix by Pig] Chemlab
Burn Like Brilliant Trash (dub) * Machines of Loving Grace
Hell: Symmetry Laibach
Happiness in Slavery * Nine Inch Nails
Voodoo Beats The Prodigy
Flicking Your Switch Ladytron
Siren HMB
In Silence Psy'Aviah
Soulless Ravenous
Who Needs Love (Like That) (Phil Kelsey Remix) Erasure
World In My Eyes (Razormaid) Depeche Mode
Call out the Dogs Gary Numan
phoenix (re-edit) Beborn Beton
Cutting (PTIncision mix) Ayria
A Daisy Chain 4 Satan My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Chime Orbital
4 Walls Black Genitorturers
Blue Light Fictional

Upstairs Set (Djpet)

Track Artist
Wreath Of Barbs (Album Mix) :Wumpscut:
Hell: Symmetry Laibach
Rock Me Amadeus (Radio Edit) Megaherz
faFnir enDjinn Run Level Zero
I Want My Innocence Back Emilie Autumn
Rain of Blood Die Form
Kiss London After Midnight
Fanatica Eisbrecher
Dich zu töten fiel mir schwer Lacrimosa
Transylvanian Concubine (The Marilyn Manson Mix) Rasputina
The Only Time Nine Inch Nails
Suck It Down "Wet Cookie Mix" Luxt
Ball Of Confusion love and rockets
Churist Churist [Recently deceased mix] :Wumpscut:
The New Zero Rasputina
The Hills Are Alive Coil
Funnel Switchblade Symphony
Fall to Fragments Android Lust

* Denotes Request
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