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The first rule of DJ club is that you do not talk about DJ club

The last gig is probably going to go down as the weirdest one I have done. I was setup on a board jammed against the furnace, in the basement of a house by Tufts, with a duct two inches lower than my head right above me. I had two other DJs standing in front guarding my rig while people beat the shit out of each other with boxing gloves to Gabber Industrial :)

Now for the really interesting part. There was this kid who showed up, no idea who actually told him he could spin. He set up his rig, a radio shack crap mixer, PC speakers, a boom box, and a ipod clone, down in the basement since our second main rig failed to materialise

The upstairs rig was my 600W power amp and mixer, and my big Peavey PA cabs. DJ Lascivious had a friend that brought a pair of Technique turntables that sounded really great. I can't remember his name but he really ould spin dark trance. I spun with my normal system and since the DJ CD players didn't make it Vudu Matt had to use his Ipod.

The party host had me move my stuff down stairs at 3am and boot the kid out. He was no where to be found so I moved his stuff over and setup my system with my powered booth monitor. Sound was kind of crappy since the monitor was never designed to fill a room that size but it was good enough. Once things got going the kid came back and he was pissed that I wasn't using his 'rig' so he started yanking his rig out and managed to kill the sound twice.

The best thing ever was that while he was getting yelled at by every guest at the party, DJ Lascivious pulls him aside and tells him that "if it's his first time at Fight Club he must fight" and the kid proceeded to totally get schooled by the party host; BTW the host is a lanky Irish scrapper.

Setlist to follow...
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