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DO - Music List (Stripper Room @ Sex-o-Rama)

Since this event conflicted with the fire spinning set that I was live DJing for I put a laptop with a set of MP3s into the room prior to the event. The following list is all of the MP3's that were placed on a random playlist. They are not in order, nor were they all played. I wa given a bunch of starter CDs (Timberlake, The Killers, Madonna, and Prince) and added a bunch of hand picked tracks in there. I hear that the Peaches track was quite popular ;)

This is the only Sex-O-Rama setlist that I can get since the rest are on laptops that are now in storage.

Strip-O-Rama Music Tracks – Not in any order

Artist Track
Aloud (Feat Eric Prydz) vs Missy Elliott Work It For The Sex & Sun
Anita Ellis Naughty but nice
Ann Miller I'll be hard to handle
Avenue D Do I Look Like a Slut
Berlin Sex (I'm A...)
Billy Idol L.A. Woman
Billy Idol Trouble With The Sweet Stuff
Bloodhound Gang vs Khia Bad Pussy (Alternate version)
Clumsy Don't Cha (Wish Your ROBOT Could Rock Like This)
Debbie Harry French Kissin
Goldfrapp Ooh La La
Goldfrapp Ride a White Horse
Goldfrapp Beautiful [Bonus]
Gwen Stefani Rich Girl (Feat. Eve)
Jessica Vale Disco Libido
Jose Nunez Fucking You Makes Me Bilingual
Justin Timberlake Last Night
Justin Timberlake Still on My Brain
Justin Timberlake Damn Girl
Justin Timberlake What Goes Around...Comes Around (Interlude)
Justin Timberlake Rock Your Body
Justin Timberlake Nothin' Else
Justin Timberlake Chop Me Up
Justin Timberlake (Another Song) All Over Again
Justin Timberlake Let's Take a Ride
Justin Timberlake Never Again
Justin Timberlake FutureSex,Lovesounds
Justin Timberlake Summer Love , Set the Mood (Prelude)
Justin Timberlake (And She Said) Take Me Now
Justin Timberlake Losing My Way
Justin Timberlake Until The End Of Time
Justin Timberlake Like I Love You
Justin Timberlake (Oh No) What You Got
Justin Timberlake SexyBack
Justin Timberlake Cry Me a River
Justin Timberlake My Love
Justin Timberlake Take It from Here
Justin Timberlake Sexy Ladies Let Me Talk to You (Prelude)
Justin Timberlake LoveStoned , I Think She Knows (Interlude)
LaTour People Are Still Having Sex
lords of acid spank my booty
Lords of Acid Am I Sexy
lords of acid the most wonderful girl
Lords of Acid Young Boys
Lords Of Acid Hey Ho!
Lords of Acid Stripper
Lords Of Acid Show Me Your Pussy
M83 vs Aphex Twin vs Khia Pussylicker (by Dopplebanger)
Madonna Impressive Instant
Madonna Material Girl
Madonna Music
Madonna Hanky Panky (Bare Bottom 12" Mix)
Madonna Vogue
Madonna Amazing
Madonna Erotica [Masters At Work Dub]
Madonna Don't Tell Me
Madonna Nobody's Perfect
Madonna I Deserve It
Madonna Erotica [WO 12']
Madonna Runaway Lover
Madonna Paradise (Not For Me)
Madonna What It Feels Like For A Girl
Miss Kittin & The Hacker Frank Sinatra
Miss Kittin & The Hacker Nurse
Miss Kittin & The Hacker Stripper
Missy Elliott vs Prince Work It Off (by Dopplebanger)
Moby Honey
Nina Hagen My Way
Peaches Fuck the Pain Away.wav
Primus Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
Prince Do Me, Baby
Prince Let's Go Crazy
Prince Delirious
Prince Head
Prince I Wanna be Your Lover
Prince Dirty Mind
Prince Pope
Prince U Got The Look
Prince Peach
Prince Cream
Prince Sexy M.F.
Prince Kiss
Prince I Would Die 4 U
Prince Little Red Corvette
Prince If I Was Your Girlfriend
Prince Raspberry Beret
Prince I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
Prince 1999
Prince Soft And Wet
Prince Controversy
Prince And The New Power Generation And God Created Woman
Pussy Tourette Who Does She Think She Is
Pussy Tourette ...Kiss.
Technova My Pussy is a Cactus
Technova I Could Have Sex
The Bloodhound Gang I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks
The Killers Everything Will Be Alright
The Killers Somebody Told Me
The Killers Midnight Show
The Killers Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
The Killers Smile Like You Mean It
The Killers Mr. Brightside
The Killers Change Your Mind
The Killers All These Things That I've Done
The Killers On Top
The Killers Believe Me Natalie
The Killers Andy, You're A Star
The Wet Spots I'd Like To Come
The Wet Spots Do You Take It
unknown Shake That Ass Girl
unknown Boom I Fucked Your Boyfriend
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