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DO - Setlist (Saturday Fire Spinning Set)

This one really came together and was my favorite set of the entire week. I went from tribal beats with dijeridoos to trance and techno to Russian Pop :) My remixes were a hit especially the Juno Reactor one since I remixed in a Japanese language learning CD's chapter on how to say common phrases when you are in an emergency, like 'ouch' and 'which way to the hospital'. Considering people were twirling fire around it was pretty appropriate :)

Fire Spinning Set

Track Artist
God Is God Juno Reactor
Skin Up Medicine Drum
The Tides Agent Orange
Anaesthesia Noisuf-X
Rave On Dr Didg
Queen Of Cups Medicine Drum
Intercity 125 Mix Trans-Global Underground
Release [Masters at Work Bonus Beats] Afro Celt Sound System
Open Up Leftfield
I Love My Sex Benny Benassi & The Biz
Fucking You Makes Me Bilingual Jose Nunez
Firestarter Prodigy
Written In Stone Medicine Drum
The Earl (DJpet Godzilla Mix) Massiv In Mensch
Loving You More (BT's Garden Of Ima Dub) BT
Running Three Run Lola Run
Dreaming BT
Not Gonna Get Us T.A.T.U.
Superheroes Daft Punk
Emerge (Daft Punk Mix) Fisherspooner
Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Old Skool Mix) Wildchild
Force Of Gravity BT
High Energy Protons (DJpet Learn Japanese Mix) Juno Reactor
The Chase DJ eN
Clubbed To Death Rob Dougan



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Sep. 22nd, 2007 03:05 am (UTC)
Your spinning was wonderful. Loved the Juno Reactor mix. Again, thank you.

Oh, and speaking of mixes - my friend posted this clip and I thought of you for some reason: http://lynchwalker.livejournal.com/261272.html?style=mine
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