mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

Every week in October is Halloween @ Domina!

Since one night is never enough, every remaining Thursday in October at Domina is Halloween! Each week will have a different theme, if you are in theme you will get $2 off the cover.

Thursday Oct 11 - Back to School, break out your plaid skirts and ties for DJpet's bday. DJpet, Vudu:DJ and Lascivious will kick it old skool

Thursday Oct 18 - Heaven and Hell night. Get out your white and red and slap on some wings and horns. DJpet, Vudu:DJ and Lascivious will spin up some religious fervor.

Thursday Oct 25 - Join guest DJ Gabriel for our Masquerade.

Thursday Nov 1 - Halloween Hangover. Free night - just show up. Bonus points if you are in your jammies :)

Domina @ Club Choices
381 Somerville Ave
Somerville MA
Union Sq
$5($3 in theme) 21+
Tags: djpet, domina

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