mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

Domina 10-4-2007 Setlist

DJpet – Upstairs Set
Track Artist
Rock Me Amadeus (Radio Edit) Megaherz
Bang Bang Ramstien
Hizbollah Ministry
Bitches Mindless Self Indulgence
Wat Laibach
Lilith/Eve Machines of Loving Grace
Distorted Self-Perception Noisuf-X
Kiss Them For Me (Kathak Mix) Siouxsie and the Banshees
God Is God Juno Reactor
BRAINS! Voltaire
Wild At Heart Bigod 20
A Girl Called Harmony Attrition
Halo Sytem Syn
Macht Das Ich
Deliver us from Evil Suicide Commando
Red CombiChrist
Fall to Fragments Android Lust
Sex one the Flag (JezebeelzebuttfunkMix) KMFDM
Relax (New York 12" Mix) Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Cutting (PTIncision mix) Ayria

DJ Static Set
Track Artist
Pi-Drum Soman
Filthy Ground To Dust
100% Angelspit
Breakdown Pzychobitch
Down In It [r] Nine Inch Nails
Without Emotions Combichrist
Tenet(s) of On (CCF) This Morn' Omina
50367329 (Edit) Monolith
Exterminate Annihilate Destroy (Reclubbed) Rotersand
Jesus Antichristus (Feindflug mix) :wumpscut:
Gulag Feindflug
Like Tears In Rain (Extended Mix) Covenant
Jezebel Noisuf-X
Grave Wisdom Skinny Puppy
Bleeder (Remix) Zombie Girl
Execution Of Your Mind (Modulate Remix) Reaper
Tractor Combichrist
Professional Distortion Miss Kittin
Blue Voice Wai Pi Wai
4 Steps To Dysfunction Tactical Sekt
Skullfuck Modulate
Kalte Unschuld Feindflug
The King Of Hate (Black Lung Remix) Snog

DJpet – Downstairs Set
Track Artist
Digging my way out Ground to Dust
Twilight World (Icon Of Coil remix) Aïboforcen
Forever (Eternity Mix by Aiboforcen) Bruderschaft
Stars [Motiv 8 Mix] Dubstar
My Revenge on the World (Implant Mix) Ayria
Death Wish [Break Wish Mix] Fr/action
Panzer Mench And One
Dead Stars (version) Covenant
Don't Feed The Robots (radio edit) Implant
Suffer The flesh Android Lust
All Your Bass Belongs To Us CombiChrist
Genesis (Icon of Coil Version) Vnv Nation
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