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Setlist from MixItUpParty

Since so many people were asking, here is the setlist from my MixItUp party. It was a Friends List only party so if you didn't get an invite you can still check out the setlist ;)

Mashups was the genre of the night and oh boy were there the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. In order to enjoy my own party I premixed the entire night. Every transition was hand done and beatmatched; the goal was to get a few hour long mashups going with quite a lot of overlapping bits. I included a few covers and some of my own remixes in there just to mix it up so to speak *g*

Some of the track and artist listings are incomplete. They represent what is in the MP3 IDV3 tag, if there was one, or the filename if there wasn't. Pretty much all of these are available on the web somewhere but if you are having trouble finding them I can point you in the right direction.

Track Artist
Baby Got Back Jonathan Coulton
C'mon Fuck Me Princess Superstar vs. Von Bondies
Effcee - Kids in America BP vs. Effcee
Fear_Factory_Scumgrief_v._Pink_Get_This_Party_Started Aggro1
Nellycats Cure vs. Nelly
Stairway to Bootleg Heaven (DJ Earworm) Dolly Parton/Eurythmics/Beatles/Laurie Anderson/Art Of Noise/Beastie Boys/Pat Benatar (DJ Earworm)
Witchy Woman Type O Negative & Babes In Toyland
KRS-One - We Will Rock You BP vs. Effcee
Fergie London Bridge v. Bes and Cobalt Human Aggro1
Ray Charles vs. Freaky Loop - What'd I Say / Get Ur Freak On BP vs. Effcee
The Shangri-Las - Give Him a Great Big Kiss BP vs. Effcee
Ramones - Judy is a Punk BP vs. Effcee
Lyrynrd_Skynyrd_Gimme_Back_My_Bullets Aggro1
Dear God Tricky
Stairway To Gilligan's Island Little Roger & the Goosebumps
Everybody Magicaly Knows Lil' Kim vs. Leonard Cohen
Morcheeba's Baby Boy Morcheeba vs. Beyonce
Get Ur Mode On Missy Elliott vs. Depeche Mode
She Wants Animals Nine Inch Nails vs. Ace Of Base
Fixing Up For a Love Connection (ft. Dizzee Rascal) Stereo MC's vs. Madonna
Nelly_Furtado_Say_It_Right_v._Or Aggro1
The Police Roxanne v. Rob Dougan Clubbed To Death Aggro1
Master Mute Vs The Tone-E Programme Mix Trans-Global Underground
Genius of London Party Ben
Gwen Stefani - Yummy [Aggro1_Remix] Aggro1
Galvanize the Empire Party Ben
Missy Elliott vs Prince - Work It Off Dopplebanger
The_Doors_v._The_Crystal_Method Aggro1
Run DMC vs Lack of Afro DJ Riko
Mack the Knife Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Razed in Black vs. Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy BP vs. Effcee
Thank God I'm a Country Boy (Party Ben's City Boy Remix) Party Ben
Heal My Sexual Tricks Kelis vs. Marvin Gaye
Don't Miss the Great Snatch The Evolution Control Committee
Another One Bites Da Funk Daft Queen
Flash Runner Vangelis vs Grandmaster Flash
Prodigy Alicia Neneh Thing Aggro1
Walk the Dinosaur Black Eyed Peas vs. Was Not Was
Walk Like an Egyptian Devil DJ Riko
Bad King Michael Jackson vs. Way Out West
Out of Phase vs. Future Sound of Nothing - Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) / Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) BP vs. Effcee
Radio Hollaback Clash Stefani
Yeah Remix Usher vs. Crystal Method
Sleaze Sneaker Pimps vs. Unkle
Passion Boys Are Firemans v. Snoop Dogg Drop It Like Its Hot Aggro1
Funky Goes to Hollywood DJ Earworm - Wild Cherry vs. Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Milkshake Busters Ray Parker Junior vs Kelis
Wanna Be Startin' a Conga Michael Jackson vs. Gloria Estefan
Harder Better Faster Controversy Prince vs. Daft Punk
Vanilla Ice v. Skinny Puppy ProTest Aggro1
Timbaland v. Blaqk Audio Aggro1
Promiscuous Lola DJ Earworm - Sarah Vaughan vs. Nelly Furtado
I Sit On Acid 2000 (Soulwax Mix) Lords of Acid
Get Laid With Khia (Remix feat. Switch) Party Ben
Funky Town (Hip Hop Dictionaraoke Mix) Dictionaraoke
Busted Back Sir Mix-A-Lot vs. Busted
James Brown Is Intergalactic Beastie Boys vs. L.A. Style
Tetsujin (DJpet Learn Japanese Mix) Juno Reactor
Busy World In My Child's Eyes Crystal Method vs. Depeche Mode
Hurts Like Teen Spirit Johnny Cash | Nirvana | Blue Oyster Cult | New Order
Get the Balance Right/Party Depeche Mode vs. Egyptian Lover
Goldfrapp - Train (Ewan Pearson Dub) BP vs. Effcee
Don't You Want the Time Human League vs. Benny Benassi
Jesus Is My Personal Trainer Depeche Mode vs. Goldfrapp
The Muppets Techno KMFDM
The System is Du (DJ Defekt mix) Strong Bad vs Ramstein
Barbie Girl !Rammstein
It's My Life No Doubt vs. Talk Talk
Don't Go Weird Yaz vs. Oingo Boingo
Girls On Film Girls Aloud vs. Duran Duran
Don't Mess with Orgasmatron DJ Earworm - Eurythmics vs. Avenue D vs. Mousse T. vs. Anthony Rother
Fuck Night Tom Neville vs. Azzido Da Bass
Black Eyed Blondie Black Eyed Peas vs. Blondie
I Want A Cookie The Evolution Control Committee
Jump Around Sandstorm Darude vs House Of Pain
The Earl (DJpet Godzilla Mix) Massiv In Mensch
Konichiwa Bitches (Trentemøller Remix) Robyn
Rocket Rock Show Peaches vs. Felix Da Housecat
The Prodigy vs. Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Voodoo People / I Put A Spell On You BP vs. Effcee
Psychotic Louie Louie 39 Clocks
Pussy (DJ Assault's 'Hit it Hard Hit it Quick' Mix) Lords of Acid
Get Your Hands Off My Hot Boy Missy Elliott vs. The Darkenss
Dontcha Wish Your Seether Was a Freak Like Me Party Ben
Sly Bastard vs. Effcee - Seven Nation Army (Looking at Hell RMX) BP vs. Effcee
Communication / Aur'Elie (DJpet Moshi Moshi Mix) Mario Piu / Blue Pace
Orbital - Pac Man Theme (Techno Remix) Orbital
For Those About to Clown DJ Riko
Ready To Get Bootilicous Republica vs. Destiny's Child
The Droyds - Girls on Pills BP vs. Effcee
LTNO - Boys (And Girl Mix) feat. Mami Chan BP vs. Effcee
High Energy Protons (DJpet Learn Japanese Mix) Juno Reactor
Spin Me Harder Daft Punk vs. Dead Or Alive
Sneaker_Pimps_Curl_v._Fergie_London_Bridge_v._Justin_Timberlake_Sexyback Aggro1
Madame Madonna (DJ Jay-R) Felix Da Housecat vs. Madonna
Madonna Get Together v. Gwen Stefani Luxurious Aggro1
Bad Pussy (Alternate version) Bloodhound Gang vs Khia
Korn_Freak_On_A_Leash_v._MIA_Swo Aggro1
The_Eagles_Hotel_California_v._H Aggro1
Requiem For Usher Clint Mansell vs Usher
Beyonce Summertime DJ Jazzy Jeff vs. Beyonce
Sweet Dreams Marilyn Manson
Under to the night Cranberries & Rammstein
Jesus Christ Superstar Laibach
Oasis_Wonderwall_v._Kelly_Clarks Aggro1
AC~DC_Back_In_Black_v._Teebee_Si Aggro1
Paint It Black The Eternal Afflict
Stoopid Rocket Felix Da Housecat vs. Garbage
Buffalo Cecilia 2005 DJ Riko
das supermodell RuPaul vs Kraftwerk (tristan s
Model Goes Missing Kraftwerk vs. Everything But the Girl
Missing Persons vs. Sen Dog - Walking in LA (Technova Remix) BP vs. Effcee
Foo_Fighters_v._Hexstatic Aggro1
Like A Prayer Bigod 20
Pussycat Dolls Beep v. Cosmos Take Me With You Aggro1
Enya vs Prodigy (Smack My Bitch Up The Orinoco Flow) Apeboy

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