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Domina 10-18-2007 Setlist

The 18th hosted both Chris Ewen and DJ Anomaly for a Heaven and Hell party (neither submitted a setlist) I held down the fort in the lower level for the entire night and had a blast! A few brave souls came in white with the majority bolting on some horns.

DJpet – Dowstairs Playspace Set

Track Artist
Hangman Fictional
Wreath of Barbs (Terrorfakt remix) :Wumpscut:
Gunman (Terrorfakt remix) Funker Vogt
Toccata Del Terrore Noisuf-X
Confront (Floor Killer Bastard Mix) Icon of Coil
Exterminate Annihilate Destroy (Reclubbed) Rotersand
Bilingual Jose Nunez
People Are Still Having Sex LaTour
Hell: Symmetry Laibach
Galvanize the Empire Party Ben
Voodoo People (The Chemical Brothers Remix) Prodigy
Slave To Love Lords of Acid
Pleiadian Agenda Hanzel und Gretyl
Down In It (shred) Nine Inch Nails
Sexplosion! - "Orgazm" mix My life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Da Funk Daft Punk
Harder Better Faster Controversy Prince vs. Daft Punk
Love Is Gonna Save Us Benny Benassi & The Biz
Don't You Want the Time Human League vs. Benny Benassi
Stoopid Rocket Felix Da Housecat vs. Garbage
Rippin Kittin Golden Boy
Frank Sinatra Miss Kittin & The Hacker
Vater Unser (Synchronstimme: Robert De Niro) e nomine
Straight to Video (Infrastructure w/ Punketta Doyle Mix) Mindless Self Indulgence
Not Gonna Get Us T.A.T.U.
Quark BT
Cold (MIG29 mix) VNV Nation
Hurting You Is Good For Me Aïboforcen
My Device (Cut.Rate.Box Remix) Ayria
Girls With No Fear Neikka RPM
Nightmares (Corvus Corax Mix - Corvus Corax) Corvus Corax
Amerika Ramstien
Slavery Is Guaranteed Bigod 20
Naked [Project X Remix] Assemblage 23
We Have Explosive [Mantronix Plastic Formula #1] The Future Sound Of London
Sex Machine (Get Funky Remix) James Brown
Under Deck (Beborn Beton Remix) Funker Vogt
Digital Alchemy Modulate
Ich bin ein wahrer Satan (SixSixSix Club Remix by L'Âme Immortelle) ASP
Sophia (radio edit) The Cruxshadows
When You're Asleep (remix) The Crystalline Effect
Underwater (Above and Beyond Mix) Delerium
Military Fashion Show And One
Dead Stars (version) Covenant
Irreversible [Barry Convex Mix] Fr/action
Blue Light Fictional
Danger is the Shame Iris
Heart-shaped tumor (Icon of coil mix) De/Vision
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