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DO - recap

This year at Dark Odyssey - Winter Fire was a blast. There was many rooms and they all needed music. A Curious Production and DJpet to the rescue!

WF is a lot different than DO - Summer Camp. This one is a little more swinger than SC and it's also all in one place. This meant that my rounds took a lot less time since I didn't have to get a golf cart and go a mile around checking sound volumes and futzing with the setlists on the remote locations.

  • Sex-o-Rama - two rooms/three speakers(2x300w+1x100w)/1 ipod shuffle

  • Main Dungeon/Banquet - Grand Ballroom/six speakers(4x300w+2x100w)/Mackie board+DVD+Live DJ setup

  • Small Dungeons - three rooms/in house PA (ceiling) + 1x100w/2 ipod shuffles with same songs

  • I spent my time in the main ballroom and left the other spaces to the mercy of my ipods. The ipods were pre-loaded with tracks appropriate to each set of spaces. They were set to random and left going through out the event.

    In addition to the main Dungeon's play time there were a few events planned. The first one was the Sat night Dinner Banquet and Burlesque show. I was in charge of setting up the sound for two wireless microphones, 4 300W speakers + 2 100W monitors, a huge video screen. I had access to a large Mackie stereo board and a bunch of cables so I setup the sound stereo with the monitors on the aux sends. The projector was run off a DVD player and the audio fed into the main boards. The hotel had a huge light system setup and I ran the light board while queuing tracks for the show. During dinner I spun down-tempo ambient dinner music with a touch of world stuff in there. Later that night I switched over to more thumpy fare and put on vintage 20's porn on the projector ;)

    On Sun night the main playspace opened up with "Dancing with the Pervs" I put together a set of music drawing from requests and my selections to give the people something to dirty dance to! Once people were danced out I switched back to the normal tracks and had two sets of requests.

    The first request set was by Barbara Carrellas, author of Urban Tantra and Dossie Easton co-author of The Ethical Slut. They asked for some tribal tracks and I obliged! The second set was for the last scene of the event. A top was going to be topped by his bottom for the very first time! I put together a set of his favorite tracks to make him comfortable while one of my DC friends showed the bottom how to wield a flogger :)

    Setlists to follow...
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