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DO - Setlist (Sat - Main Dungeon)

Here is the 5 hours of play music...
Track Artist
Tabla Razor Test Dept
God Is God Juno Reactor
Speed Deep [DJpet tribal mix] Deep Forest
Written In Stone Medicine Drum
Tanz Mit Laibach Laibach
Vater Unser (Synchronstimme: Robert De Niro) E Nomine
O Fortuna Carl Orff
Descent VNV Nation
Paint It Black The Eternal Afflict
Christian Woman Type O Negative
Dr. Thodt :Wumpscut:
Sitata Tirulala (Album Version) And One
We Are The Renegades Of Noize (Haujobb v This Morn Omina) Haujobb
Nitrogen (Part 2) Juno Reactor
The Immutable Sphere (ccf) This Morn' Omina
ahriman Ah Cama-Sotz
Pirhana One Chord Boots Tranglobal Underground
Tabla Rasa (The Tablet Mix) Test Dept
Queen Of Cups Medicine Drum
Navras Juno Reactor
Du Hast Rammstein
Kein Mitleid Eisbrecher
Cold (MIG29 mix) VNV Nation
Orgasm Noisuf-X
Dirty (Urkom Remix) Grendel
Spanish Fury Implant
You Are God Tryad
The Power Die Krupps
Smack My Bitch Up Prodigy
Im innern einer frau (fishmix) Beborn Beton
Unter der Linden (Club Mix) Heimataerde
Das Tier In Mir E Nomine
Club Dance Mix Enigma
Minaret Medicine Drum
Sin [Long] Nine Inch Nails
The Machineries of Joy Die Krupps
Megalomaniac KMFDM
After The Flesh My Life With The Thrill Kill K
Electric Molecular [KMFDM Death Before Taxes Mix] Chemlab
Where Do The Gods Go? (Club Edit) ASP
Tetsujin (DJpet Learn Japanese Mix) Juno Reactor
Gefallen L'ame Immortelle
Acid Tongue (Welcome Aboard...) Attrition
Dr. Channard (Funker Vogt Remix) Beborn Beton
Blue Light Fictional
Rain of Blood Die Form
Palestinalied qntal
River [Robert Babicz Remix] Phonique
The Beast [Luetzenkirchen Dub] Crimeclub
The Fears [Outwork Rmx] Vicky Blond
Who's your daddy (Fuzzy Hair Remix) Benny Benassi
We Believe, We Believe :Wumpscut:
My Revenge on the World (Implant Mix) Ayria
Fuck Things Up (feat. Ayria) Implant
These Humps Will Mash You Up (Mash up by DJ VLRK) Combichrist vs Black Eyed Peas
Focus Implant
Come to Daddy [Little Lord Faulteroy Mix] Aphex Twin
Kink Trentemøller
Deep Penetration Jerome Sydenham
The Back Door Jerome Sydenham
Tripping The Light Fantastic BT
Club Bizarre Brooklyn Bounce
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