mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

Setlist from yesterday's Radio Show

Yesterday was my best set ever for numbers! Music for the Suffering.

Tales of Sex and Violence

Track Artist
Pray For Love (Nils Schulte mix) Edge Of Dawn
Beloved VNV Nation
Holocaust Of Love [remix] Cyan
Love The Giver (Eskil Simonsson Of Covenant remix) Claire Voyant
Cold (MIG29 mix) VNV Nation
Orgasm Noisuf-X
Deal In Sex (Protection Mix) Lights Of Euphoria
Love Breeds Suicide Suicide Commando
Would Have Killed Sytem Syn
The Nature Of Love Ministry
Sex I'm A... Zombie Girl
Tainted Love Coil
Sex and Mutilation Android Lust
Slavesex 994 Die Form
Love As Blood (Implant Remix) Icon Of Coil
F*** You Bitch (Combichrist Remix) Suicide Commando
Sex in Limousine Monosex
Hit Me Hard Noisuf-X
Lying Sack of Shit Combichrist
Temple of love (1992) The Sisters Of Mercy
Closer to God Nine Inch Nails
Sex on the Flag (JezebeelzebuttfunkMix) KMFDM
Tip The Dancer Panzer Ag
This Is The New Shit (Invective - Orbiter Dictum Mix) Marilyn Manson
Industrial Love (Silicon Version by VNV Nation) In Strict Confidence
Bleed Me White (come of age mix) DeVision
I Don't Love You Anymore Wolfsheim
Shaven Funker Vogt
Skullfuck (Combichrist Mix) Modulate
Blut! Sex! Fire! Hanzel und Gretyl
Sex On Wheels My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Sex Dwarf Christian Death
Control Traci Lords
Smack My Bitch Up Prodigy
The Doctor Song Women Of Sodom
Voodoo U Lords of Acid
the hand (violent trance mix) Velvet Acid Christ
Kick To Kill Noise Unit
Atom Bomb Fluke
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