mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

Finally recovered from Leather Retreat

This year there were 7 separate music zones that all needed different music feeds with different genres. These were scattered over a very large campground/farm. I will be posting the slew of setlists shortly (all under a cut for a few days to save everyone's friends' lists)

All in all it went very well with the highlight being the big party. It was called Lucky's Gentleman's Club. All of my sound and lighting went to this party. We had fog, UV, sound activated lights, music and strippers. The VIP room needed a pass that you got when you donated a bottle and boy did we have the booze that night. We estimated around $1000 in alcohol and mixers. It was kind of interesting to note that the club staff were wearing more clothes at the party than the rest of the weekend so "topless" waitresses giving lapdances were not as interesting as you would expect :)

Each night I live DJed one of the areas and the rest either got a premix (that I did earlier in the day) or an Ipod on shuffle (with hand picked tracks)

Unlike most events I actually got a chance to play, this time with the lovely lackofcontext

Now I am off to Vermont and Termination.
Tags: djpet, lr08

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