New Designers' Fetish Fashionshow @ The Fetish Flea (RI 2/11/11)

I can't believe that this is only a couple days away! Come on out for the East Coast's largest fetish fashionshow. We are taking over the Fetish Flea by storm and flooding the place with fabulous designs and models. for the lineup

We have over 100 confirmed models as well as burlesque, partner acro work, and Johnny Blazes as the MC!

Naraganzett Ballroom
Providence Westin (at the Prov Place Mall)
Feb 11, 2011
18+ and $10 (21+ to drink)
Tix sales @ 6pm
Doors at 7:30
Show at 8pm
Dance starts at 10:30-11ish ang goes to 1am


Setlist from Resurrection NH - Jan 20

The second night of the Darq Invasion took ManchVegas by storm! Vudu:DJ and I packed the floor and kept the place hopping all night. I had the opening set and took it more slow with some interesting beats before ramping it up. Here is what I spun over two sets:

Track Artist

DJ Pet's Opening Set

Tainted Love [sound check] Marilyn Manson
Grey Line Reality Censor
Warding Larvae
What A Day (Hedonastik Remix) Throbbing Gristle
New Scar Solace
Milk (Massive Attack D Mix) Garbage
Only you (French version) Portishead
Abstract Truth DJ Abandon
Masters of the Universe [r] Juno Reactor
Mitternacht E Nomine
Sleepwalk [Remix] Christian Death
We Believe, We Believe :Wumpscut:
Martians on the Moon Funker Vogt
Feuer Frei! [reaper remix] Nachtmahr

DJ Pet's Second Set

Mask of Gas Broken Note
The Immutable Sphere (ccf) This Morn' Omina
Hate This (X Fusion Remix) Grendel
World Of Shit (Soman Rmx) Sam
Get Your Body Beat (Remix By Manufactura) [r] Combichrist
Die Motherfucker Die (Die Twice Remix By Noisuf-X) Suicide Commando
If Something Gets Hard (Fuck It) (Remix By Noisuf-x) Uberbyte
Unter der Linden (Club Mix) Heimataerde
My Device (Cut.Rate.Box Remix) Ayria
We Are The Ones [Rotting Corpse mix by Icon of Coil+Seb] Zombie Girl
Straight To Video (Combichrist Remix) Mindless Self Indulgence
Starchild Cybernetika
The Beautiful People Marilyn Manson
Kill The Lights [r] The Birthday Massacre
Engel (English/German Djpet Mashup) Rammstein

Jan 6 Resurrection (Manchester, NH) setlist

DJ Rabid Angel and I tore the place up! The Darq Invasion part 2 is on Jan 20 when Vudu:DJ and I complete the take over *bwa ha ha*

Track Artist
Getting Closer Nitzer Ebb
Saltarello (Tanzwut Mix) Corvus Corax
Wreath of Barbs (Terrorfakt remix) Wumpscut
Shallow Nation (2004 Version Remix By Xenomorph) Icon Of Coil
Shoot To Kill (7.62 Mix By [Syndika_Z3r01]) C/A/T
Virus Ivardensphere
Tanz Mit Laibach Laibach
Pussy Rules (feat. Shaolyn) Faderhead
Sent To Destroy (Northborne Remix) Combichrist
World Of Shit (Soman Rmx) Sam
Tanzdiktator [modulate remix] Nachtmahr
Soilbleed (v.3) [GRENDEL]
Vater Unser E Nomine
Christfuck Wumpscut

DJ Pet second set

Dance Dance Anatomy [Djpet Mashup] [r] Djpet presents MSI vs Repo!
Megalomaniac (Excessive Force Remix) KMFDM
Shut Me Up (Tommie Sunshine Still Filthy Remix) Mindless Self Indulgence
Die Motherfucker Die (Die Twice Remix By Noisuf-X) Suicide Commando
Fucking Invective Noisuf-X
Tainted Love [r] Marilyn Manson
New Scar Solace
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove Dead Can Dance
I Got... (by Mix N Blend & Narch - Beats Antique Remix) Beats Antique
Mask of Gas Broken Note
Indigo Children _JLE Dub Mix_ Puscifer
Dissolved Girl Massive Attack
Citadel (Absurd Minds Remix) [r] The Cruxshadows
Wandering Star Portishead

WinterSolstice2011 NYE party Night 2 set list

Here is the setlist from the second night of the party. Did more cohesive arcs this time. For whatever reason everyone went nuts over the Manowar track :) Looks like more metal tonight! I'm using Voltaire's Goodnight Demon Slayer for the last track of the night every night. It really works and gets the point across to get out so I can have a goodnight as well :P

Track Artist
Cool Monsoon Massive Attack v Mad Professor
falling up [egypt mix] collide
Blind Threshold - 03 Revival Beats Antique
Dissolve Switchblade Symphony
The Outsider Mono
Cocaine Noisuf X
Wreath Of Barbs Wumpscut
Monster Panzer Ag
Nachtmahr Nachtmahr
Vorwarts! Funker Vogt
Die Stimme Tanaros
Nemisis Interlace
Nature's Revenge Skinny Puppy
Wormtongue Ivardensphere
Tenet(s) Of On This Morn' Omina
O'Dead Armoured Sky Synthetic Dream Foundation
Zealot Broken Note
Maneater (Gramophone) The Retrosic
House Of Sorrows Funker Vogt
Forgotten Tears (Suicide Commando Remix) Hocico
Cybelle [Just the Dark Bits Edit] Pentaphobe
Beauty Beats Beats Antique
The Baghdad Groove Petrol Bomb Samosa
Beirut Chillout Roger Abboud
Hail To The Freak (Freeq Remix By Xp8) Uberbyte
Hellectro Terrorfrequenz
Mortar Heart OOtz OOtz
Super Space Invaders Eisenfunk
Madchen in Uniform [faderhead remix] Nachtmahr
Fucking Invective Noisuf-X
Money Shot Uberbyte
Dirty (Urkom Remix) Grendel
Disco Distortion X-Rx
Face Down Shaolyn
Relax (Assemblage 23 Mix) KDC
Twilight World (Assemblage 23 Rmx) A�boforcen
Disappoint (Funker Vogt RMX) Assemblage 23
Genesis (Icon of Coil Version) Vnv Nation
Love As Blood (Implant Remix) Icon Of Coil
Non Stop Violence Apoptygma Berzerk
Subconscious Overdrive Ground To Dust
Love The Giver (Eskil Simonsson Of Covenant remix) Claire Voyant
Redemption (Max Graham's Dead Sea Mix radio edit) Conjure one
Science Fiction DJ Taucher & Edgar V
Tabla Razor Test Dept
Queen Of Cups Medicine Drum
Wo Versteckt Sich Gott (VNV Nation Remix) Witt
Burning Desire Oomph!
Der Meister Rammstein
DansMix (Mit dans is all die werlt genesen - M.A.P.S.) Corvus Corax
Kein Mitleid Eisbrecher
Kaiser Von Shizer Hanzel und Gretyl
I Believe Manowar
Dracul's Bluthochzeit E Nomine
Saltarello (Saltarello - MM) Corvus Corax
Tripping The Light Fantastic BT
Tear Drop (Sonix Club Work) Massive Attack
Sneaky Drums Etnoscope
Trustafari Medicine Drum
A Forest (Original Mix) Blank & Jones Feat. Robert Smith
Speed Deep Deep Forest
Running Three Tykwer/Klimek/Heil
Spin Spin Sugar Sneaker Pimps
Club Bizarre Brooklyn Bounce
E Nomine E Nomine
Apple Bottom Hellraiser [Madbastard Mashup] Suicide Commando vs. T-Pain
My Milkshake Will Fuck You Up [Madbastard Mashup] Combichrist vs. Kellis
Timbaland v. Blaqk Audio Aggro1
im innern einer frau (fishmix) Beborn Beton
Deception Cruxshadows
Kathy's Song (Beborn Beton Remix) Apoptygma Berzerk
Genesis (Icon of Coil Version) Vnv Nation
Doctorin' The Tardis KLF
Venus and One (Reconstruction Remix by SMADJ & BOSCHERON) Ekova
Indigo Children _JLE Dub Mix_ Puscifer
Dub Be G [Fatboyslim Mix] Beats International
M.E. Underworld
Zweiten Spektrum - gebeit
Don't Stop (Dublex Inc. Remix) Dolphin Boy
Stiff Jazz (Zundapp Dub) dZihan & Kamien
The Tao Of Dub Synthetix
Release [Masters at Work Dub 1] Afro Celt Sound System
Mother Earth Dubtribe
Dub About Me Miss Kittin
Duck & Cover (Original Mix) Tkr
Anhelo Volatil
Milieu Beats Antique
Sahan Pentaphobe
Deep Penetration Jerome Sydenham
Goodnight, Demon Slayer Voltaire


WinterSolstice2011 NYE party setlist

I'm doing the music as well as sound and lights again for WS2011 down in Piscataway NJ. Here is what I played on opening night:

Track Artist
Tears From The Moon Conjure One
Paradise Bel Canto
Hey Pretty Poe
Slow Like Honey Fiona Apple
Glitter Girl Kidney Thieves
Smell of Desire Enigma
A Question Of Lust Depeche Mode
Returning (featuring Kristy Thirsk) Delerium
Unknown Johan
Eros & Aphrodite Sylvia Brallier
Me No Fear the Reaper Pop Will Eat Itself
Shining Skinned Friend Juan Maclean
Intercity 125 Mix Trans Global Underground
Release [Masters at Work Dub 1] Afro Celt Sound System
Ty Haf Jac Llwybr Llaethog
Radio Babylon Meat Beat Manifesto
It's Wicked (Vocal Remix By Combichrist) Scandy
We Have Explosive [Mantronix Plastic Formula #1] The Future Sound Of London
We Got The Gun Clint Mansell
Without Emotions Combichrist
Pornostar Miss Construction
People Are Still Having Hate Sex Around The World [DJpet Mashup] DJpet presents... La Tour vs Daft Punk vs Rammstein
Honey RJ's Mix Moby
New Years Day (U2 Cover Featuring Delerium) Front Line Assembly
It Began In Afrika The Chemical Brothers
Sado Masochist Front Line Assembly
Penetration (Future Fuck RMX) Haujobb
The Perfect Drug (Spacetime Co Nine Inch Nails
Kingdom VNV Nation
Tokyo Dub (Remix By Broken Note) Broken Note
Digital Dubs (Cidade Altariddim Decko Remix) Deck-O
Duck & Cover (Original Mix) Tkr
Space Complex 7too
Dub With Power Puscifer
Come On Up and Try My New Trekka [DJpet Mashup] DJpet presents....Repo! the Genetic Opera vs. Puscifer
Wandering star Portishead
The Hidden Cage Die Form
Sympathy for the Devil Laibach
Amerika Ramstien
Crazy Bitch Buckcherry
Bitches Mindless Self Indulgence
Poison The Prodigy
The Crablouse (Ludo's ''No Visible Symptoms'' mix) Lords of Acid
Wolfen (Das Tier In Mir) E Nomine
Totmacher Wumpscut
Tainted Love Coil
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove Dead Can Dance
Closer to Zydrate [ djpet Mashup ] djpet presents NIN vs Repo!
I'm A Bad, Bad Girl Candye Kane
Fever [Adam Freeland Remix] [Mix] Sarah Vaughan
Sixteen Tons Tennessee Ernie Ford
Transylvanian Concubine (The Marilyn Manson Mix) Rasputina
Sweet Dreams Marilyn Manson
Suck It Down Luxt
Living Dead Girl (Subliminal Seduction Mix) Rob Zombie
Engel Rammstein
Freak on a leash [Rammstein remix] Korn
Murder Annihilator
Hell Symmetry Laibach
Dr. Thodt Wumpscut
Rain of Blood Die Form
Goodnight, Demon Slayer Voltaire

Resurrection - Manchester NH 18+ Thursday Dec 16 - $5

DJ Purple and I are hitting the decks this Thursday at Resurrection! Rumor has it that I always travel with a crazy amount of lights and lasers. Come on out to Manchester NH (only a short hour north of Boston) and find out :)

-DJ Pet

The Breezeway Pub
14 Pearl Street
Manchester NH
18+, $5, 12/16/10

Setlist from Resurrection - Nov 18

Had a blast Djing with DJ Sillah! I can't wait for next month...

Track Artist

Set #1

Narayan (Prodigy Cover) Funker Vogt
My Head (Para One Remix) Boys Noize
Tear Drop (Sonix Club Work) Massive Attack
Nitrogen (Part 2) Juno Reactor
Annie's Midnight Terror [DJpet Mashup] Eurythmics vs. E Nomine vs. Brainbug
Shoot To Kill (Reloaded) C/A/T
Sent To Destroy (Reworked By Rotersand) Combichrist
Die Motherfucker Die (Remixed By C-Lekktor) Suicide Commando
We Are All Ready Death [Explicit] C-Lekktor
Tanzdiktator [modulate remix] Nachtmahr
Buzzsaw Modulate
Face Down Shaolyn

Set #2

Apple Bottom Hellraiser (mAdbaSTARd Mashup) Suicide Commando vs. T-Pain
Temple of love (1992) The Sisters Of Mercy
I Kissed A Girl [Aesthetic-Perfection-Remix] Katy Perry
Enjoy the Silence [Aesthetic-Perfection-Remix] Depeche Mode
Vater Unser E Nomine
Du Hast Rammstein
Headhunter V1.0 Front 242
Megalomaniac (Excessive Force Remix) KMFDM
Box Banger Lords of Acid
Uterus Das Ich
Pussy Rules (feat. Shaolyn) Faderhead
Feuer Frei! [reaper remix] Nachtmahr
Dirty (Urkom Remix) Grendel
Bela Lugosi is Dead (djpet Raven Mix) Bauhaus

DJ Pet's newest Residency @ Resurrection, this Thursday the 18th!

FB Page:

Resurrection returns on November 18th, 2010 with DJs Sillah and Pet!

Carpooling and designated drivers are encouraged.

SPECIAL: Brian (the organizer of this shindig) will buy you a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice if you are the designated driver for at least 3 people who are drinking.

There is a FULLY STOCKED bar that includes both alcoholic AND NON-alcoholic drinks. Support the scene by supporting the venue. GOOD BEER! SODA! SNACKS! Ask one of our bartenders for details.
Please note that in order to get the best service throughout the night, TIP YOUR BARTENDER WELL!!!

18+ | 21+ to drink | 9pm-1am | only $5
The Breezeway Pub |
14 Pearl Street | Manchester NH
Goth/Industrial/Dark Fetish attire required