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You Spin Me Round...

11 October 1972
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I am currently starting up a sewing business called CuriousCouture. I make made to measure custom corsets and outfits. I am in the Boston area but frequently go down to NYC and NJ.

I DJ EBM/electro-industrial/synthpop/futurepop/goth/darkwave as well as downtempo/trip-hop/sexy tunes around the Boston area. I am the resident DJ/sound guy for Dark Odyssey / Leather Retreat, a sex, BDSM, and spirituality event in the DC area. I am also a regular guest DJ on Radio Golgotha. Lately I have been doing a lot more live sound for Boston area concerts including being resident Sound Guy for Darq Salem and doing concerts at Gothic Maine

A Curious Production (ACP) is my umbrealla production company and it was responsible for putting on the New Designers' Fetish Fashionshow, the largest fetish fashion show in New England! Pictures of the 2010 show are now up.

I am available for parties and clubs usually with a few weeks notice.

My current gear includes:

Denon DN-D4500 dual CD deck
Denon X400 4 ch mixer
Allen and Heath GL2400-424, 4 bus, 24 channel mixer board
Mackie CR1604 16 channel mixer
Behringer UB1222FX-PRO mixer
Stereo Peavy EQ with feedback destroyer
Stereo Alesis Compressor/limiter/noise gate
Lexicon Dual channel Effects
SoundTech stereo 3 channel active crossover
Rane AB22 Stereo Dolby Digital programmable delay
Rane DC24 Dual Compressor/Limiter/Expander with selectable crossover
Monster Power filter
Mixmeister Fusion
Macbook Pro 17
Athalon64 based PC integrated into mixer console.
M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 6ch with SW mixer
M-Audio USB Transit
Wired Mics (2 Beta58As, 2 SM57s)
2 Beringer 400W powered speakers and stands
2 Peavey PV215 dual 15" speakers
Peavey XRD 680 Plus 300W/side 8-ch powered mixer
2x QSC GX5 power amps
Carvin 4 channel 1200W amp
4 Carvin 200W stage monitors
Two light trees
one set of crank stands with 15' of truss
1 Martin Imagescan (I can project your logo all around the club with this!)
4 small par38 cans with gels with 4 ch sound controlled sequencer
2 par64 RGB LED lights (Chauvet LEDRain-64)
PC based soundboard software
1 Chauvet Vue-II RGB sound controlled moonflower style light
1 American DJ LED-Pearl (white LEDs, spinning stars)
1 Chauvet Scorpion-FX Lazer
1 lamp based Derby style sound controlled light array (multicolor)
Lots of UV tubes, police lights, and old fashioned xenon strobes.
15000+ MP3s

for a more up to date list of gear you can see it here.
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Mixes are available for download and streaming here.